It is thundering again.

Is it an onimnous warning? Is it warning me not to join the Coast Guard?


I leave in 4 days. I never thought 2 months would blow by so quickly. I am starting to work out, memorize everything, get all my stuff together, but I am lingering for some reason.

A lot of people asked me why I am joining the Coast Guard. I never really thought about it before, but to me it just made sense. I have always had to earn my parent's respect. I know that joining will help with that. But I also feel that it will be some serious help in the future.

They will help pay for college, which is always good. I don't want anymore strain on my parents. It will also teach me good life skills, not to mention that they pay me to live.

The biggest reason I am joining the Coast Guard, however, is that I believe that it was what I am made for. I think it would be just awesome if your job was to go out everyday and help people, to save their lives if needed. How cool it is that you actually hold others higher than yourself, not that you are forced to, but you choose to do it.

Hopefully, I can become a rescue swimmer. Than the feeling will change. Its not that I choose to save them, its that my team and I are the only ones that can.

And that is when I realized and choose, to dedicate my life to others, because what good is my life if I am so busy that I don't even notice those around me?

Well, that is all that is in my head for now. This is my graduation speech for Gaia, because in 4 days, I AM graduating from here, and from then on, my Gaian life will be filled with periods of inactivity, but I will be out there on the greatest adventure story ever told; the story of how I live my life by rescuing others.

Peace, I love you all!