So, our amazing local photographer Torre decided to have another end of the year photoshoot for 3 days, so we have lovingly dubbed it, "TorreCon." Each day was at a new location, and each was chillier than the last day. It was really fun though cuz we all brought blankets and gathered in circles and just chatted. We had one day where we introduced ourselves with our name, age, which animal we would be and why, and whether we crumple or fold our toilet paper. Winston was the ONLY one who wouldn't tell us his age as usual!

We had so much junk food together, so yummy! I was worried people wouldn't eat the red velvet cupcakes I got, but they ate them all! Mostly Shauna cuz she just sat there popping cupcakes into her mouth while waiting for her shoot. I don't blame her though, they were delicious.

I was Kitty Katarina, Ahri, and Artina this weekend. c: There's only one of each pic at the moment, but I'm pretty happy with them. You can actually see my goosebumps in my Artina photo. xD So cold, but so worth.

Here's a few pics that actually fit in my journal! The rest can be seen at: WeNeals Photography and Retouching

I added wiring to my tails, painted the dress and sleeves, then added interfacing to the top of my sleeves so they'd stand up on their own. And Torre was nice enough to alter my eye color and add a bit of glow to the orb! >w<
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The man your man can smell like!
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One of my cosplay partners/frands Kalie as Raspberyl!
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