Last change was 415 days ago~ Aho I'm on a roll. c8

So lately I've been having a lot of bugs pop into my room lately. e3e;;; Late at night, too. Like they don't even have the decency to come during the day! No, they have to come at night and then I can't depend on anyone to kill them for me. SIGH. They make me feel like a coward. Augh.

My dad put roach killing stuff in the attic, and it kinda sucks. I can hear them up there buzzing around, dying from the poison. IT'S SCARY MAN. I don't now how I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. I tell you what, I'm not. And right now I'm really tired. I really want to go to sleep but I'm way too paranoid that a cockroach is going to fly into my room and crawl up on my face. DO YOU KNOW HOW SCARY THAT WOULD BE? Guh I really hate bugs. I even cleaned my room a while back, yet they still come. I don't have a dirty house, but they like it for some reason. Maybe this house really is dirty. 8'c

OH YEAH. I also had to delete a lot of my friends so I could accept some new ones. I had 547 or something. Gaia added this new thing where you can't accept anyone if you have over 500. It used to be you couldn't add anyone. This sucks. >8U I enjoyed having so many friends. Now I only have 48something.