Her full known name is Mistral du Pont. The "discovery" of her significance to the human race is estimated to have been around for 300 years, since the 1700's. However, her actual age is yet to be known - she has and always appeared as a young adult around 14 - 16. Her origin is theorized, but her race is aptly known as an Angel.

The lady Mistral is not skilled with swords, or perhaps even violence of any type. She lacks arm strength, but can make up for it in acrobatics and, of course, the ability to fly. Despite this, she has a formidable artillery of weapons, bestowed upon her by her Vampiric elders. Two including the Slayer and the Stellaluna. Slayer, given to her by the Lord Duzell of the vampire kingdom, was a gift by means of protection from vampires who wish harm upon Mistral. Though powerful, it has been charmed by the dark powers of evil, and spilling blood with the Slayer can cause a great urge to continue spilling blood - it is, in all definitions, a vampiric blade.

The Stellaluna was given to Mistral by the goddess Luna herself, also known as Veleno, the child of the moon and the hybrid. Though not much is known of the Stellaluna, it is incredibly powerful, but it has a limited usage before it will return to its original sheath held by Luna.

As she is, in all definitions of the word, a supernatural race, Mistral was birthed with strange powers. She has the power of projection - she can project images and dreams and memories from her mind onto the living world. Her projections are very subjective, as they can only be seen on a personal level. One person could see her imagery while the next hasn't a clue of it.

On the other hand, in some cases, she is capable of manifesting those images into physical shapes. All beings are capable of seeing these. They are often described as a white orb of light, or a dark fog. The orbs are nearly physical - she's even been known to transmit memories and thoughts to another person through physical touch of the orb or fog, and an even greater affect can be achieved through the touch of her own physical body. As for what kind of damage her powers could do physically or mentally, though the process is unclear, it has been confirmed that orbs of positive energy have the affect of empowering a comrade, and fogs of negative energy have the affect of weakening. Unfortunately, possibly due to her origins, if she's experiencing negative emotions, her powers are severely limited. Mistral by nature thrives in positive energy, including love, passion, kindness, and straying from these emotions are as if she is breathing in water.

Mistral maintains a certain level of strength in order to remain durable during flight. Her hair is light corn blonde and falls to her waist. Her eyes are blue, and her skin blushed by the sun. She has two pairs of small wings, white with a grey tinge. With simple illusion tricks, her wings are hidden for the sole purpose of blending in with humans. Her feathers contains special regenerating properties and can be used for spells and alchemy.