Alright so given recent issues with finding good partners I felt it was time I created this entry.

Be literate I am a literate to advanced literate player and expect proper spelling, grammar, and good post length. Meaning strong paragraphs you will only annoy me if you send me one or two lines
Personalize your response, size twelve fonts are both garish and amateurish. Show me that presentation means something to you and give me color and smaller fonts.
Excite me, be descriptive show me how wide range your diction is. I want to be impressed

Don't disappear, you wanna piss me off this is the number one way to do it. If I don't hear from you for awhile or I see a message is read and you haven't responded expect me to send you a follow-up message.
Don't tell me about how you wanna play a furry, or get your body morphed, or how you wanna get killed or eaten. That s**t is weird and I'm not interested.
Don't say you're a literate then be obviously the opposite, this happens far to often and is the bane of my existence.

That all being said if you can handle these things I can be one of the best damn partners you've ever had. I reply consistently, I reply fast, and damned if I don't reply well.

Thank you all for your patience and time reading this, now fill my inbox.