old post i made to someone i reeeally hate c;

@ elffromspace:

that's really great and all that you intend to do that...


no. i don't WANT you to bump her shop, our pixel shop, any future auctions, or contests.
i don't want you speaking to her or associating with her.
i've already told yuichi this and i figured he'd tell you but i guess he didn't.
and don't think i didn't tell you because i was too afraid to say it to you directly.
i just got lazy and forgot to because you posted in the pixel shop.
jesi has agreed not to accept anymore orders from you.
this also means that if you bid in any future auctions it won't count.
no more freebies. no anything.
damnit you've caught me on a REALLY bad day.
i know it may seem like i'm being rude, irrational, and holding a grudge but whatever.
there's a lot of things i don't like and a lot of things that irritate me.
do them enough and you end up on my s**t list for a long time.
i don't care if what you said came out wrong or what.
i know what you said to me and i know what you said to jesi in private.
those were two totally different things.
i'm only rude to those who are rude to me first.
and i feel like you've been very rude.
i can't show compassion or sympathy for anyone i don't know. especially not on the computer.
and if you've did something to me i don't particularly like i can guarantee i will be rude.