Unfinished Chapter of My story

Legend of the Demon Bride

AN ARMORED MAN SAT beside a little girl who was tucked in bed ready to sleep. Her enormous azure eyes looked up at him and he smiled as he pushed her bangs to the side. “Papa, tell me the story again,” she beamed up at him and then glimpsed at her father’s sword. She had been told that it was a magical sword that was used to rescue a princess from a fortress of demons. It was a part of the story her father would tell her just about every night. It was her favorite story even though it was a bit scary for her.

“Mama will be angry if I tell it again. She doesn’t want me telling you scary stories right before bed,” he told her with a slight frown.

The girl pouted. “Please papa, I promise I won’t be even a little afraid, and I will not tell mama that you told me the story,” she whispered to him.

In that moment her mother entered the room giving her the look only a mother can give. “Rei, you’ll get nightmares if you listen to that horrible story every night. Besides why would you want to hear stories about such terrifying creatures?” the mother looked at her questioningly.

“Mama, it’s because there is a princess. I want to be that princess. Then papa will go and rescue me,” she grinned at both of her parents whom she loved more than even the story.

The girl’s father gave his wife a pleading look. He wanted her to agree so he could tell the excited girl the tale so she could finally go to sleep. “Don’t worry, dear, I will sleep with her tonight just in case she has any nightmares,” he reassured his wife and finally agreed. The think she wanted most was for her daughter to be able to sleep.

“But do try to tone it down for her,” she whispered in her husband’s ear as she took a seat on the flood beside him.

“Rei, are you ready?” he asked his daughter who was sitting up in bed.

“Yes, papa, I’m ready,” she said as she sat on her father’s lap patiently waiting for him to tell the story. He couldn’t help but smile at how eager she was to hear the story.

“Alright. Once, there were three heroes from a far off village in the North who were sent south to a castle that isn’t very far from here. They had orders from the lord that they served. They were to investigate the castle since every traveler who got too close to it ended up disappearing. When the heroes arrived at the castle they realized it was not only a castle, it looked like a mountain, with many houses that lined on either side of stone steps that led to the top where the castle lay. Now, the heroes knew it would be difficult to get to the castle without getting noticed so they used their ninja training to get up. One of the heroes didn’t make it up he was caught and eaten by a demon.”

The girl giggled. “I wonder if the demon thought the hero was yummy,” she said with a small smile. Her mother gave her husband a concerned look. That sort of reaction wasn’t normal for a child. He merely shrugged he had heard worse comments from here in past nights.

His wife gave him a reproachful look then she looked at her daughter. “Rei, sweetie you shouldn’t say things like that people don’t wonder if other people taste yummy because we don’t eat other people,” she explained to her. “Only demons ask those kind of questions.”

“Am I a demon, mama?” the girl examined her mother’s expression for answers.

“Of course not. Sweetie, I’m just saying that little girls your age shouldn’t be saying such things. Especially not if you want to be a princess.”

The girl nodded in response and the smiled, “Ah, I get it. I won’t say it again.”

The man cleared his throat before continuing his story. “The other two heroes made it to the castle walls but they saw that the castle was heavily guarded. They somehow managed to sneak in unnoticed. The inside of the castle was immense but the heroes did not have time to look at the decorations they were looking for clues that would tell them exactly what kind of demon was the lord of that castle. As they went searching every room and finding no clues they started to give up on finding clues. The heroes agreed that they would open one last door that seemed to lead into a larger room. When they looked inside they saw an altar and other things used for rituals by witches and demons. Next to the altar the heroes saw a little human girl, younger than you are now. She was holding a crystal jewel and seemed to be in some sort of trance. No matter how much they called to her she could not hear them. They tried to shake her shoulder to get her to react to them but they were jolted with energy before they even touched her. The heroes knew that this little girl had to be rescued from here at any cost. One of the heroes had a magic sword he knew that if he could separate the crystal from the girl they would be able to touch her and carry her away from that place. He broke the crystal and that energy was absorbed by the sword. The girl tried to stand and pick up the crystal but ended up stumbling because her legs had gone numb. They carried the girl and were going to escape when they were surrounded by demons. Among them a demon who would have been able to pass for human if not for those misshapen ears. ‘Return the Princess, the ceremony was almost complete,’ yelled one of the lesser demons as he threw a fireball from his hands at them. The demon lord was angry he was so fast that he appeared before them in a flash. ‘Return my bride immediately. She isn’t meant to be touched by your filthy human hands,’ the angry demon lord shouted as he sent bolts of energy at them. The hero with the magic sword absorbed he energy and shot it back at the demon giving him a scar across his left eye. The demon lord being wounded and defeated put a curse on the heroes. He told them that no matter how far they took the girl that they would be followed by demons that were attracted by the girl’s scent.