How good it is to be an adult!

When I was a teenager there always seemed to be so many things that were the most important thing in the world. "Does he like me? Do these clothes look okay on me? Why is my hair doing that??" It was a never ending battle with the most important things in the world!

Ahhh but now, these are the days! I get up in the morning, I get dressed (most of the time) and I'm either off to work or off to school or on those wonderful days, off to the couch or computer chair to do nothing. I've grown into confidence knowing that I'm wonderful just the way I am whether I've got a ponytail in or if I've barely run a brush through it.

I get a choice each and every day to do what ever I darn well please. I love meeting with friends, or roleplaying or acting as geeky as I could possibly be and you know what? Not a soul can say, "you're a geek, you're weird, and you are not cool," well they could say it, but I can always say yup and it just doesn't matter. I love my job, it pays well, and when I get home at night I can go to bed as late as I want or not go to bed at all!

Who I hang out with doesn't matter, what I do with my time doesn't matter, and I love it. Its fabulous.