Alright...I am looking for comissions! I will draw anything as long as I approve it, and as long as you approve of my style. 4laugh Not liking my style AFTER you comission me... we wouldn't want that, now would we? sweatdrop

To check out my style visit my deviantart page.

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rules and what not:

1. I will draw for you, but I can not send anything. You can do whatever you want with the drawing as long as I am credited. (All I can do is E-mail the final product) crying

2. In return, all I ask for is some Gaia gold. The price depends on the difficulty of the drawing.

Starting price(just one character, no background): 1,500.
plus background: +500
additional persons:+300

-Just send me a message on my gaia profile, and we will set up terms!

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*If you would like me to send you the drawing in the mail, send me a message and we will set up terms. Of course, instead of Gaia gold I will need real money...Don't worry, it will be cheap! But it can't be free...It cost money to buy the stamps to send the drawing @.@