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RPC's and Poetry
Malice (Main RPC)
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Name: Malice Le Noir

Gender: Female

Classification: Genetically modified Cambion

Sexuality: Pansexual

Short Tempered
High Maintenanced
Trouble Maker

Supernatural ability:
Is capable of conjuring and harnessing the power of her devilish descendants but not without consequence.
Is able to twist black curses.
Can heal by the siphoning of chi through sexual activity.
Can also heal others by transferring chi.
Has the power of persuasion which works on nearly all humans but isn’t as effective on other supernatural entities unless she calls upon the powers of her ancestors.
Everlasting Youth
Is not susceptible to human illness
Inhuman strength and agility
Angels and beings of light have a strange magnetism towards her

Not as indestructible as her fellow demonic race
Can’t survive without feeding on the life force of others
Runs the risk of possession every time she subjects her subconscious to the demon dimension when conjuring power.

A bit of backstory:
Malice was begot of an unholy union between one of hell’s finest demons and Ireland's most elite sanctified slayers. She’d begun as but a fiendish prospect of power that after further contemplation her father had decided would be a plan worth conceiving. But due to conflicting beliefs between parents, things didn’t go quite the way as daddy had intended.
However, Malice’s mother’s killer instincts had seemingly been overcome by a much more maternal one. Not able to allow her unborn burden to be outright destroyed by the clan of righteous warriors, she’d decided to ask for a transfer to the states where they had a smaller division which meant their members were spread few and far between.
In this time she’d successfully kept Malice hidden for nearly ten years but as the young cambion grew, so did her powers which had more influence on her mother than the slayer would have believed possible. It was during Malice’s twelfth year when her mother discovered she could no longer properly raise the girl due to the significant pull she had on her decisions. She found she was letting things slide way too easily causing Malice’s attitude to grow arrogant and dangerous.
So there she was, yet again faced with that same question of whether or not she should destroy her own child and again the answer was the same.
It was in desperation that she sought out an exiled member of her clan called Alessandra, who had been cast out long ago when she’d fallen victim to vampirism. Although, due to her birth instincts for hunting the damned not being able to be extinguished, even though she herself had become that which she was designed to destroy; the order had allowed her to live but she would be cut off from any further contact with her clan, her family.
So when this young slayer, her kin, came upon her doorstep with her shame and hope in tow she knew she wouldn’t be able to turn her away. To see her risk her own place in the clan by caring for a child who would be viewed as some monstrosity by their own people touched her and then of course there was Malice, a victim of circumstance, just as Alessandra had been.
Malice, a girl of no more than twelve, already more beautiful than any greek goddess she’d ever read about. With an abundant of rich reddish-brown auburn curls and mesmerizing cornflower blue eyes that nearly seemed electromagnetic. There was definitely power there, and not just a little. It was terrifying given her age. No child should possess power like that.
In the end it was when Alessandra witnessed the sway Malice had on her mother, a slayer of one of the most revered orders. This girl would wreck havoc on humanity if not dealt with now, But just as she was given a second chance she would grant Malice the same and teach her how to harness her abilities as well as give her an outlet in which they could be used. Not only that but she too had once been a member of the revered and righteous which gave her plenty enough skill, between that and being a vampire powerful enough to claim a territory, she would be better equipped to protect the girl from those who would seek her out.

To Hell In Handbaskets
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To Hell In Handbaskets
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