Cidantin looked down upon Damien Resche. The descendent of the original Damien Resche that had founded Pergrande during the days of Zeref. He was fat and covered in the best clothing that money could buy. He surrounded himself with concubines and food while the citizens of his Kingdom were left to suffer. The raven could still visibly recall the starving families that seemed to line the streets of the Capital.

His eyes narrowed and he raised his claymore overhead.

It was time to settle this once and for all.

"Wait! Wait! What do you want?! Money? Power? Women!"

The Mage lowered his sword as he regarded the man at his feet. It was quite amusing to watch the King barter in exchance for his continued life. In spite of the situation, the man fabled as the God of the Forest, smiled benevolently. The King took this as his cue to continue. The obese man rose to his knees and bowed before his potential executioner. In any other situation, the sight would've proven humbling.

"I can give you anything that you desire! You can take my oldest daughter's hand in marriage! You can succeed me as the next King as soon as next month! I will give you all the money in the treasury! I don't care what I have to give you, I just want to live! Please!"

Cid laughed.

"Oh... quite the tempting offer. Unfortunately, my dear King, that is no longer possible."

Damien Resche looked up at him in fear and confusion.

The claymore flashed by in a heartbeat and the King's head rolled along the floor. The corpse dropped and poured blood on the future Guildmaster's shoes. In response, the murderer frowned and stepped out of the precious life giving substance. That was going to stain. He made the mental note to pick up another pair when he was leaving the country. Maybe he'd pick up another outfit, too?

"Not that you would care, seeing as you are dead. But I've already killed your children. We simply can't risk the chance of the Resche bloodline surviving to seek vengeance. You understand, don't you? It was quite the amusement. I dashed the little Prince's head against the wall. Your youngest daughter was crushed to death in a cage. She screamed for help, you know? She desperately hoped that her father would come help her. To save her from certain death. But your fat arse never left the safety of this vault. I would've spared her if you had come. I would've spared all of them. Nobody would've known. I am quite the deceitful person when I am up to the challenge, you know? And your oldest daughter. I dare say that she would've carried my child had I not slit her throat when I was done. By the Gods, she was quite the screamer."

Cidantin turned away from the scene and exited the vault. To his immense surprise, Ray was on the other side. If the vault wasn't soundproof, the God of the Forest would've been concerned on whether or not the man had heard his parting speech. It was just his luck that the royal b*****d had seen fit to soundproof the safest place in the Castle. The man gave his nicest smile.

"It's over."

Ray slouched in relief. They no longer had to look over their shoulders in the dead of night. They no longer had to hide their identities in the streets as they secured supplies for the resistance. It was finally over. The tension in his shoulders had finally eased away. The raven was glad to see that. And he was even more glad that he was the one that was charged with killing the entire Resche family. Ray had enough blood on his hands. He didn't want his friend to suffer the burden of knowing that he had the blood of children on his hands.

He, on the other hand?


The future Guildmaster didn't care. His father had taught him to never feel sympathy for the enemy. To steel his emotions and put on his "game face" when the situation demanded it of him. And he had done so for the entirety of this war. He could still remember each and every life that he had snuffed out. The assassin on the street corner. The poor old woman that had tried to poison him. The man that was just trying to provide for his family. The little boy that had thought the actions of the King were just and fair. The young seductress that had warmed his bed the other night. The traitor that was spilling secrets to the other side.

The city of Nobles that just wanted to live in luxury.

Cid's eyes darkened as he recalled the night he butchered them in their sleep. As he used his Magic to bring the city to ruin. When he sat upon the rubble and smiled at the army of resistance soldiers had come to assist him, only to find the deed finished. The quiet disappointment in his friend's eyes as they had regarded each other even in the fire and brimstone setting. Every little detail was engraved in his memory.

"It's time to spread the good news. The King is dead."

The pair left the Castle in silence.