[color=black]hey im bored so im gonna tell u random things about me. Ok so im not really allergic 2 that many things only caterpillars, horses, aveno cream, and maybe bees (cause it runs in the family, but i have never been stung). My best friend in the whole world is jessica and she is the only person who i have met who has the most things in common as me. I have other bffs though and their names are mentioned in my profile. I am having a halloween party on 10/24 and i just went to my bff jess's party on 10/17 and it was a blast. Im going 2 a halloween party on 10/26 at my church and that should be fun 2 cause the teacher is awesome. Jess is probably sleepin over my house on 10/25 and we're going 2 pig out on all the junkfood left over from my party, so ya. I like 2 pple right now so if you no me then you can ask me who, but if i don't feel like telling u then i wont. Ok so ttyl this was just random stuff about me.