today me and my 2 frendz went the mall again. it was soo fun but the fun ended 2 quickly. first we went and bought some food 2 eat(of corse,wen r we not eatin),then we went 2 this lil alley way nd sat on the stairs. then some old guy who wrked at the mall kicked us off the stairs(not literaly) so we had 2 go find a new place 2 chill, then we went 2 a store called hot topic. while we was lookin around some dude was followin us around the whole dam store!! and i swear he was just starin at us hella. me nd 1 of my frendz got pissed off so we told the clerk lady. she told us that he was the security. we told her that we understood that but wat we didnt understand was y the hell he was followin us around the whole freakin store, but no 1 else. she said that she was srry 4 him makin us feel uncomfortable and then we left. i swear i was ******** pissed. i mean hw wld u feel if some dude,who was dressed nothin like a security guard, followin u around a store. i bet u wld get pissed 2. evil