Chapter Two of my story. I have 6 planned out and I will be updating as quick as I can. Though I am pretty sure no one is paying attention to my journal. Anywho, let me know what ya think. (This chapter is a work in progress)

Chapter Two: A Gift Given Too Late

Christian smiled and clapped his hands together, “Excellent bow Alex, this place has done you well. My haven’t you grown since I have last seen you. Then again that was when you were only 6 months old.” Alex rubbed the back of his head smiling at the compliment and looked over Christian once more, “Well, forgive me sir, I don’t seem to remember you at all, nor do I remember anything of my parents.” Christian frowned and sighed, “Too young I presume. My brother and I were not quite on speaking terms when you were born. I’m glad I found you.”