Ragin Cajun Fen is now Scandinavian Fen but the best parts of the fallen Louisiana dream will always live with me as will you dear sweet Morine. The souls of ours may be interwined forever now in a realm far beyond this one and our spirits wander endlessly and beside each other through all of time. Yet, on that black day I knew and was shown the separate paths that we were on....were going to tear me apart forever into sheer oblivion. The madness in my black heart exploded then as my true love was lost way in the depths of the sea....gone away into infinity. So, she was dead by the hands of thugs?....No, never harmed and to this day remains alive. Things in our respective lives would not allow us to exist as true friends or even a couple in reality. I was born with the gift to see things that other's can't with mortal human connections and ties that lead to real commitments...blah blah. I looked into the future of Fen and Morine....only to be washed away by the sea ....Together we drown in darkness Morine....together we embrace the crystals in the omnious Universe....together we find things that lie far beyond the depths of a mortal reality....conquer your dreams....embrace your future. i leave with another beloved to an enchanted village way in Sweden ...as the past is burned in a searing storm of hellfire and we embrace the cold wisdom of winter