On one stormy night, there was a town by the name of "Amour". Ironically, there was a man who lived in the town of Amour, whom had lived alone since the age of thirteen when his family died of a strange illness. He was the only survivor. The man was now twenty-three. And on this turbulent night, he decided to go out for a troll when he heard a nightingale singing. As he walked along the stone path that bends and winds throughout the area, he noticed something peculiar. It was a young woman who had been meandering along the streets.

He seemed to stand in awe of her beauty. She finally notices him standing there and begins to look up at him when suddenly they both lock eyes. After some time of being bewitched by one another, the nightingale began singing yet again and the storm stopped. The clouds began to part and the moon shined down upon the two figures standing in the street. And it was then when they became lovers. The next five years passed quickly. The more time the two spent together, the faster time seemed to vanish.

It was winter now and the snow was thick. The icy winds cut through the village leaving it's streets cold and empty. The couple were stuck indoors and had nothing but each other to keep them warm. She had the most terrible cough you could ever hear. He began to worry each day it persisted. Every time he asked her if she was okay, she insisted that she was alright and that it was nothing more than a cough. However, as the days grew colder, her illness seemed to worsen.

Then one day, he sets out to find a doctor to examine her cold, but she begs him to stay and keep her warm. Reluctantly, he stays even though he knows she has been coughing up blood for he would feel guilty for leaving her alone to freeze. He wraps himself around her cold, freezing body. With one single tear, she takes her last breath and says, "Thank you my love..." He replies in tears and says, " Anytime my dear."7:13 AM
He sat there for hours holding her lifeless body as though in disbelief that she had left him. Some time later, he stands up, exits the house, and begins walking down the street of stones.

People say after that tragic night, that nightingales never sang in Amour again. Some say he buried her body in a mountain of roses inside their house. There were also rumors that he continued to walk aimlessly until he died. But no one really knows for sure.

Finding love, that's not the hard part. It's letting go...

The End.