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Human - Human/Other - Romance

The late morning sunlight started to filter through the blinds of the Vegas hotel suite, landing across the face of Cailin. After a few moments the light finally made the young woman stir, groaning softly as she did. There was a throbbing in her head, a result of drinking way to much last night. With a heavy sigh, the blond pulled the blankets over her eyes and rolled over on her other side to try and avoid the light. As she moved, a different groan sounded out next to her, causing her eyes to open wide and push the cover back down. She had went to bed alone last night, hadn't she? As her eye focused, she realized that apparently wasn't so.

Next to her laid a man who looked to be about her own age, his arm thrown over his eyes in, what she was guessing, an attempt to block the sun. Shocked silent and frozen, Cailin let her eyes travel past the man's face, down to his bare chest and then further down where a thin sheet barely covered his hips... Oh Lord, he was naked! The realization shot through her, finally making her move enough to look down at herself. A slight look of horror passed over her delicate features as she realized that she was also naked.

In the next moment Cailin's hand shot down, grabbing the sheet and jerking it up to her shoulders to hide herself. As she did, a glint in the sunlight caught her attention. Another look of horror crossed her pretty face as she brought her hand up to see a sparkling wedding band sitting on her left ring finger. Just one glance and it was no mistaking that the wedding band was real and had to of cost a nice penny, one only a man of some fortune could afford. But she wasn't married. She didn't even have a boyfriend. That meant the ring must of came from the stranger she was laying next to.

It was that though that reminded her there was a naked stranger, who she was apparently married to, laying next to her. Within just a matter of a second Cailin sat up and jumped out of the bed, still holding the blanket tight to her frame to cover herself and leaving the sheet over him. Though, moving that fast wasn't the best idea. The pounding in her head worsened and she felt a bit light headed as she stumbled to steady herself against the bedside table, letting her eyes adjust on the man in the bed once more. He groaned again, starting to stir and wake. "What the hell happened last night?! And who are you?!" Cailin finally managed to gasp out, still looking horrified and a bit confused.