I look back on this site, at the memories, the old posts, and the journal entries.
Two years ago, I don't think I could have imagined myself being where I am today.
Even a year ago...

I am out of that house.
I am out of that toxic... I don't even think I'd call it a relationship...
The leeches shriveled up and scuttled back into their holes.
They're lost to the wind, hopefully to never be seen again.
The breadwinner has moved on with her love, picking up her life to where it should have been.
Purified, that house remains to be a home to a new family.
To be filled with fresh memories, painting over the old and moldy.
I can feel my insides again.
I can breathe, and smile.
I can go through the day without worrying you will flip into that disgusted, angry, foaming monster you were when we first started dating.
You let go.
You decided what was important, you're reaching your dreams.
And I am so proud.
We have seen through the pain of ours pasts.

I survived, my beloved.