"So this is it?"
"I reached the end of the earth." Sure enough, it was almost unfathomable, and unfortunately that's the word that I thought of. Could be better? I don't know.
I can go into detail about what I saw, but that'd spoil my endeavor.
"How is it?"
"I'm not even sure what I think about it, much less feel. I don't even know if I like what I'm seeing or not."
"God, you need to wake up."
"I don't wanna yet."
I've saved the world plenty of times before, but its definitely easier with other people. Teaching them is much easier. Almost fruitless, but I'm not telling them the truth about what I feel about heroes. That's gonna come back and bite me in the ass. I know it. I've got one kid following me around like a puppy, one girl jealous about it, one pretending not to care, and another overwhelmed by it all. I don't mind being a superhero, though. I just know I'm not meant to be one.
And just as quickly as the store was built, it was destroyed. He came in charging and we fought. I was losing my faith though. Why should I be a hero? He was choking me, and I tried kicking him, but I'm definitely weaker than him. I'm definitely weaker than him. Passing out. But I see that kid, and I know he's gonna save me. He doesn't know what he's saving. But I'm glad he will.

Just small peeks into my dreams. If they sound vague, its on purpose. And if its a bothersome thing, I'm sorry.
Dreams are all I'm looking forward to lately. Maybe I'll mention something other than a fantasy in the next entry.
To put it shortly, the first dream was me reaching the end of the universe, but I wasn't sure if it was nice or not.
The second one was me being a superhero when I was meant for evil. Then I tried to help other younger people who had powers find their place, but it bit me in the butt and I was almost killed by my enemy, whose the real good guy.

Its funny when dreams turn out dramatic.

Could I be anymore discreet?
Anyways, my dreams have more action than reality.
Things when I'm awake are pretty lonely. Pretty quiet. Pretty dull...
I'd like to say its changing, but how am I supposed to know? Nothings happening.