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Name Meaning:
Kage: Shadow
Musha: Warrior


Jin'ei (Man's Shadow) is an ability very similar to the Nara Clan's shadow techniques; because it essentially is that ability. While the Nara Clan use Yin Release (chakra) to perform their shadow techniques, the Kagemusha Clan has actually evolved from that. Through this evolution, their control over shadows has become a literal Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit), which allows them to completely manipulate their shadow as if it were an extension of their body, like a fifth limb. And actually, it essentially is. Rather than using chakra to control it, they use stamina...just like throwing a punch or performing any other physical activity would do. Although they can still surge chakra through their shadow to accomplish various things, but the amount required is very small (OOC: Keep in mind, this must be accomplished through techniques, and they cannot be anything that the Nara Clan can do - so no trapping people by connecting your shadow with theirs, that will not work). Immediately after the first Nara Clan members evolve into the Kagemusha, this was actually an issue. The strain their shadow manipulation had on their bodies was enormous. Simple maneuvers would cause them to pass out for days. Over time, however, their bodies continued to evolve, being pushed to the absolute limits of human capability. And now, they manipulate their shadow fairly effortlessly (although it can still be a considerable strain with excessive use). Furthermore, newborns and even young teens are rarely at peak condition; it isn't until a clan member has matured enough that they reach the upper limit. Because of the condition of their bodies though, and specifically their gains in stamina, the Kagemusha have seemingly limitless stamina, allowing them to sprint or fight for days without growing tired. Their body has adjusted to need far less water or food, and it's even considerably more durable than the body of, say, a member of the Nara Clan.

Stage One - C Rank
This stage can be obtained fairly easily. After reaching a certain age (not definite, it varies for each clan member, but it's always fairly young), they gain they gain control over their shadow. They can freely move it, but it's only slightly larger than the owner, and it doesn't extend any, remaining a static size at all times. The shadow is also essentially a physical object at this point, with similar hardness to the owner's body, allowing them to interact with the world around them with their shadow. Due to immaturity and lack of experience, their shadow's offensive and even defensive capabilities are very limited (see other information).
Upon reaching this point, their eyes will permanently change and a black design will gradually become clear somewhere on the body, much like a tattoo. The appearance and location differs and is never identical to another, but they all resemble a black tattoo.
Another primary ability is that they gain a sixth sense that's described as being in sync with his/her own shadow, as well as every other shadow, in a sense. This "sync" allows them to feel what their shadow feels and is essentially an extension of their sense of sight and sound. As for shadows not belonging to them, they can now see them through objects and even distinguish overlapping shadows from one another. This is because each shadow gives off a unique signature, much like a finger print. This makes it very easy to locate hidden people and makes it impossible to pretend to be someone else (assuming their shadow has been seen before). Although they are still limited by their natural vision, and if a shadow is far away, it would still be nearly impossible to recognize it.
And finally, up to C-Ranked Clan Techniques may be learned.

Stage Two - B Rank
After gaining experience with controlling their shadow, they will enter a new stage. OOC: Your character must have 5 Jutsu Points of learned (any potential Clan Techniques they may have started with do not count) Clan Techniques. Original/Custom Clan techniques count towards this as well, but the techniques Kaisoku (High Speed) and Zenshinryoku (Driving Power) do not. Also, before the new stage is unlocked, your character must be involved in a battle, and it still won't unlock until midway through (metaphorically, not literally...just make sure it's not immediately after the fight starts (this will be required to achieve the third stage as well)).
When this happens, another black design will appear somewhere on their body.
The owner's shadow can now be manipulated even further. The range of the shadow can be stretched and pieces of it can be broken off, which is quite painful. Doing this severs the link one has with their shadow; it can still be manipulated, within a range, but they can no longer feel/see/hear through their shadow. Sharp objects can now be made with the shadow, comparable to steel weapons in terms of damage.
A-Ranked Clan Techniques may be learned.

Stage Three - S Rank
This stage is obtained by further strengthening their bond with their shadow. Once 17 jutsu points worth of Clan Techniques have been learned and your character enters yet another battle, the change will occur. Again, the techniques Kaisoku (High Speed) and Zenshinryoku (Driving Power) do not count. This stage, unlike the previous two, does not come with any sort of change in appearance.
The owner's shadow becomes much stronger now. It can feasibly cut through any known physical object such as stones, wood, or steel...if desired (certain objects may be excluded, such a significantly powerful, defensive barriers, or special objects that focus on defense, etc.). There is moderate resistance when cutting through objects.

Stage Four - SS Rank
Same as the third stage, except 25 Jutsu Points worth of Clan Techniques must be obtained. And for the final time, the techniques Kaisoku (High Speed) and Zenshinryoku (Driving Power) do not count. Unlike previous stages, battling someone does not trigger the unlock this time. To actually obtain the stage, the user must defeat what is known as a Kage Kemono (Shadow Beast). For details, PM the creator of the clan (Yuumei Kagemusha).
Their shadow is further strengthened and at peak capability. There is now literally zero resistance when a shadow cuts through an object.

Other Information

Chakra & Stamina
Shadow techniques and the manipulation of their shadow does not cost chakra. Instead, it costs stamina. They have a lot less chakra than most shinobi (perhaps except lower ranks). Because of this, but they gain a tremendous amount of stamina as a result. Even a genin member of the Kagemusha clan could run for miles without fatigue or even being out of breath.

Shadow Regeneration
When shadow techniques are used, the markings obtained in the first two stages of the KG temporarily fade away. This resembles how much stamina the user has left. Once they disappear completely, it must be regenerated back to 100% before shadow abilities can be used again (although it doesn't have to be completely gone to start regeneration). The regeneration eats at the user's stamina, potentially causing slow movement, immobilization, or even paralysis. The stamina loss only occurs during regeneration. Also, it takes a single post of not using shadow techniques to recover twenty percent of your stamina, so five posts to reach 100%.

For the below system, you always round up. If you somehow have 1% of your shadow left, you face the 20% drawback. If it's anything more than 80%, you face no adverse effects.

Unconsciousness: 0% (Lasts for a single post, after consciousness is gained, they obtain 40% of their stamina back)
Immobilization: 20%
Very Slow Movement: 40%
Fatigued: 60%
Slowed Movement: 80%

User's Stamina Pool
In stage one, a total of 10 jutsu points may be used before your shadow is completely gone.
In stage two, 15 jutsu points
In stage three, 25
In stage four, 40
The use of non-technique shadow abilities takes one point per post for all stages (this is basically everything described in the stages. Stretching your shadow, making weapons, making a fist or small shield, etc.)

Shadow's Range
Each stage also has a different range in which they may extend their shadows.
Stage One: No Range (Remains static in terms of total volume)
Stage Two: Five Meters
Stage Three: Twenty Meters
Stage Four: Fifty Meters

Shadow's Endurance
Each stage also provides an indication of how much damage a shadow can take before it breaks (when this happens, the user loses 80% of their shadow).
Endurance Recovery: Not using a Clan Technique (manipulation of shadow does not count, although that obviously still consumes stamina) causes the endurance to increase by 1 jutsu point each post (cannot exceed the following)
Stage One: 5 Jutsu Points Worth of Techniques - B+ Techniques break it in one hit.
Stage Two: 7 - A+ break it in one hit.
Stage Three: 9 - S break it in one hit,
Stage Four: 11 - SS break it in one hit.

Clan Techniques
Kagefuu - Shadow Seal - C
This is a rather simple ability. Instead of wasting time with writing seals with ink, the user can simply form the markings with a shadow. First, a portion of their shadow must be severed. Then they are formed into specific symbols for the seal. Essentially, these symbols then turn into fuuinjutsu techniques. Unfortunately, while some fuuinjutsu seals may be difficult to destroy by conventional methods, these seals are subject to the guidelines of their Shadow's Endurance (see Other Information in the clan's thread).

Kagehei - Shadow Wall - C
Using this technique, the user can manipulate a shadow to rise from the ground and block an attack. This can technically be done through manipulating a shadow (without a technique), but when using this technique, the shadow wall appears much faster, almost instantly.

Kagetsubasa - Shadow Wings - C
This technique may be used to form wings on one's back that are made out of shadows. It enables flight as long as there's an atmosphere present, so attempting to fly in outer space, for example, wouldn't work, although it'd be a bad idea in the first place. The user's speed in the air is about three times as fast as how they normally are on the ground (speed-enhancing techniques are not factored into this), making this a very effective means of transportation compared to running. Furthermore, the design of the wings enables swift turning, allowing them to make a 90 degree turn almost instantly. They also allow near-instant stopping and moving, allowing them "brake" and "accelerate" very effectively.
Like most of the clan's shadow abilities, there's a fairly harsh drawback with using them. The drain on their user's stamina is like any normal technique; however, that is only for the creation of the wings. Sustaining the wings also takes 1 point away from it for every post it's activated aside from the first (i.e. 3 points in the creation post, 1 point every post it's active afterward).
Another drawback is that movement on the ground while the wings are active is very hindered because the wings essentially pick up air currents and force you to move against the wind.

Kagemeigara - Shadow Brand - B
First, the user must surge chakra through their shadow. When the user's shadow then passes over the shadow of someone else, a permanent marking is engraved into their shadow. That marking is the kanji for shadow (影). It looks white in appearance, but is fairly small and is only visible in the dark.
Whenever someone is branded by this technique, it allows the user to track the person for up to 100 meters. After that, they lose track of them; however, once that person gets within 20 meters of the user again, the tracking is enabled again and the range is back up to 100 meters.
The tracking is a passive ability and only consumes stamina and chakra when initially placed upon someone. Also, what the user tracks is the person's shadow, not the person themselves, which can complicate things.

Kuromaku - Black Curtain - B
By simply looking at the user's shadow, any given person can be placed into this genjutsu, although just because someone looks at the shadow, doesn't mean the genjutsu will be placed on them.
As soon as it happens, the shadow will seem to expand and gradually cover the entire world in darkness until the victim of the genjutsu is literally blind.
There's no real damage to their eyes; the genjutsu simply tricks their mind into thinking that they're blind.
Due to the easiness of placing someone into the genjutsu, it can only be used on any given person once a day.

Kokuei Bunshin - Dark Shadow Clone - A
A clone formed from the user's shadow. The clone can alter its appearance almost instantly to match that of anyone else, although the user has to have knowledge of that person's appearance, obviously. Unfortunately, their voice does not change, making it difficult to fool people. This clone has the ability to use the Kagemusha's Kekkei Genkai, Jin'ei, and any Kekkei Genkai technique the user knows. The clone's shadow abilities, however, are weakened. Unlike your typical shadow clone, these possess a very limited amount of chakra, and cannot actually use techniques outside of the KG.
Stamina Pool: 10
Shadow's Range: Half the user's
Shadow's Endurance: 6 (the clone also dies when their shadow is gone).
Furthermore, the clone's shadow does not regenerate.
And finally, not only does using the technique count as 4 jutsu points against their Stamina Pool, when the clone is destroyed, they lose 2 more (although losing these two will not count as using a technique, meaning it wouldn't interfere with any Shadow Regeneration that might occur.

Kage Jigen - Shadow Dimension - A
The clan's only Space/Time technique. After creating two different shadows, which must be flat on a surface, the user can enter one of the shadows and exit out of the other. They can also hide in a shadow for up to a minute; however, the shadows cannot move while the user is inside the alternate dimension, making it easier for someone to prepare for an attack. The user can exit either shadow though, which gives them two options. Their Stamina Pool is drained 1 Point for every 20 seconds they are in (round down, 1-20 seconds: 1 point, 21-40: 2, 40-60: 3).

Kaijin - Complete Destruction - S
This technique starts off with the user building up enough shadow around their body or any area within their shadow's range, and then gradually extending the shadow outwards, causing it to move very slowly. After several seconds, they then release the technique, converting the shadows to sharp, spear-like masses and causing them to "fly" wherever they want. The sharpness of the shadows depends on which stage of the Kekkei Genkai the user has obtained. The number of spears depends solely on the user's preference. When actually activated, they're blindingly fast. Essentially, if one doesn't leave the immediate area (literal range also depends on the user's Kekkei Genkai Stage) as the user is charging the technique, it's nearly impossible to avoid them without very high-ranked speed and reaction time. And that's assuming the person is paying attention. An opponent with their back turned, for instance, wouldn't stand a chance (unless they were a Hyuuga, or someone with a peculiar sensory ability (chakra sensory would detect the initial build-up of shadow, but not the expansion of the shadow)).

Kaisoku - High Speed - E-SS
Rather than giving up chakra, this technique relies completely on stamina. By sacrificing stamina, it allows the user to move at considerably faster paces. An average shinobi would only be able to use this once, then they'd black out. A Kagemusha; however, with their immense stamina, can run like this "naturally."
Since the drain of Shadow Manipulation is much greater than movement speed, the drain on the user's Stamina Pool doesn't align with the number of Jutsu Points of the technique; nor does the use of the technique count against Stamina Regeneration or a Shadow's Endurance Regeneration in the same way. Only successive uses count.
The speed at which the user would move depends on how much the user has trained.
Stamina Drain:
E-D: 1 JP
B-A: 3 JP
S: 5 JP
SS: 7 JP

Zenshinryoku - Driving Power - E-SS
Identical to Kaisoku, except for Zenshinryoku, strength is increased. This includes striking power and the ability to lift heavier objects. This could also be used to jump higher, throwing something harder, etc. An average shinobi would only be able to use this once, then they'd black out. A Kagemusha; however, with their immense stamina, can perform like this "naturally."
Since the drain of Shadow Manipulation is much greater than movement speed, the drain on the user's Stamina Pool doesn't align with the number of Jutsu Points of the technique; nor does the use of the technique count against Stamina Regeneration or a Shadow's Endurance Regeneration in the same way. Only successive uses count.
The increase in strength would vary depending on how much the user has trained.
Stamina Drain:
E-D: 1 JP
B-A: 3 JP
S: 5 JP
SS: 7 JP

Clan History

The clan technically originated as the Nara Clan. A small group of the clan fled Konoha for Sunagakure for work. Most were not shinobi, but direct relatives - sons, fathers, mothers, daughters - came together. Fortunately, Konoha and Sunagakure had strong ties with one another, so at first, it was treated as a joint affair between the two villages. But the Nara never left, and over decades, they were accepted into the village. The conditions were obviously different. The sun was constantly glaring; there was little plant-life; the desert was void of shadows for miles. This, over time, caused an evolution. Without the constant use of shadows that a forest would provide, they had to rely on different means for their techniques. The same tactics wouldn't work. This eventually triggered their evolution. After such, the shinobi with these new abilities were given a nickname; Kagemusha. And shortly after, they took on that name and discarded the name, Nara. That, however, did not cause any conflict between the two. It is very well known where the Kagemusha originated from, and they are proud to be related to the Nara.

Wanna Join...?

You may! I'm not going to limit the number of members or require an RP sample or anything. But just agree that our characters will act like a family. And your character must be from Sunagakure! Also, no missing-nin, initially. If you want to eventually follow that path, go ahead. But not at first. And also, please only start out with the First Stage of the Kekkei Genkai. MAYBE Second. Similarly, I'd rather you didn't start any higher than a C-Ranked Chuunin. Let's build and grow as a Clan together!!