I have a very sensitive question to ask of anyone who reads this. Am I a terrible graphic designer? question

Lately I have been working on changes to my graphic design services web site, I felt that the look of the web site should be more professional. I'm just worried that my site would be too boring for anyone to show interest. I am making some changes to the site's colour scheme, neutral coloured backgrounds and very light backgrounds for the text. I have not got the new look on line yet, I am still working it out in the Dreamweaver program. The site also needs the text revised, just to get a simple message across to visitors that I can handle graphic design tasks of any kind.

Perhaps I am just worrying over my own skills is that work for me has been less frequent. I did get an offer for some new work, but the clients have not been contacting me for weeks. I can't help but think that they changed their minds and didn't want to say anything. I could just send them letters and ask if they still need my services.