got pissed after my finals and wrote this
400 people showed up to a job fair
none were hired
I was pissed
Unemployed in America
I’m fresh out of school and I have all the skills
Time to help mother and father and pay my own bills
Start it out low and get more education
Like my fore-fathers start building a nation
I search and I search but I feel I’ve been robbed
I look up and scream where the hell are the jobs?
Their taken comes back a call from the air.
By those who came first, they were already there.
But I spent so many years, I’m trained I’m prepared
Did you not hear me, it calls back, they were already there
I go to the center where so many wait.
Hoping for a job and getting irate
Fill out applications and all of the forms
Yet by potential employers I’m completely ignored
I don’t want the money I just want some respect.
To just mold my future not to ride round in a jet
But there are so many people qualified and quite smart
Against them I cannot stand far apart
That man to my right could do calculus at twelve
And like me here he sits on the shelves
The woman on my left had incredible grades
Yet she as well is lost this haze
I have so little money and must to live off my dad
This was no where near the plans that I had
Oh someone just got hired it just wasn’t me.
That intelligent girl now for a living trims trees.
The guy to my left he got a job too
Selling the same illegal drugs that turned his brain to goo
We have so much potential, so much that we’ve learned
Yet minimum wage is all that we can earn
While retards who were lucky and born into wealth
Are running my country making fools of themselves
Must have more money, was all that they’ve screamed
Managing companies using tricks that were obcene
Then came uncle sam with a reforms in hand
Surely I’ll get employed it the wealth will all trickle down
It worked once before when Regan was in town
Yet not a cent of that gold not a hide nor a hair
I’ve seen none of it here, and so I despair
“They’ve invested in china?” I respond “What the ********!”
Then come all the recalls of lead painted trucks
Now their all losing their money fist over hand
To bail them all out they’ll put Sam in command
Here I still sit watching them build that great tower higher
Then they layoff more people to put out the fire
They watch and debate as the line just expands
Now men forty and up are joining our band.
We want things to build, we want things to make!
Devoting our lives to things that are great
Come foreign investors, on a scale that is grand
They just might put us to work, give us a command
Our fathers built this nation with sweat and their blood
Laying down rails, and fighting back floods
We just want to work we just want respect
To stand on our feet and get out of debt
Give me a job that does not involve fries
Or asking strangers if they want apple pies
I don’t want to serve donuts, I want to work hard
Not welcome others to wall mart and sell them some card
I want to work long hours, and ensure I do my job well
Just like my father, build heaven from hell
Yet here I still sit, the man you’ve ignored
My a** in this chair growing incredibly bored
You lay off so many workers when you only should hire
Yet a manager that knows nothing will never be fired
I’m getting out of my chair, and I’m smiling hardy
******** all of your s**t, I’m joining the ARMY