The Nine Heralds of Despair are the greatest of the Daemon Lord's followers, each of them a noble in command of vast cohorts of Naraka's followers, be they humans, monsters or daemons. Every Single one of the Heralds is a mortal whose powers dwell come from deals and contracts made with the Daemon, yet not a single one of them contain an ounce of black blood within them, so that they are not bound by the laws and weakness that plague Naraka. Nothing else is known of the Nine Heralds, save for their titles

Relampago "The Thunder Lord"-Lightning and Thunder

Lanzar "The Shapeless" - Mythology

Morr "The Iron Sentinel"- Ore

Selaton " The Black Hand"-Posion and Corrosion

Uriah " Volcanis"- Titan Slayer

Ashura " The Fallen Angel"-Celestial

Lamia " Lady Blaze"- Hellfire

Sotha "The Puppeteer"- Marionette

Galea "Calypso" Water and Wind