Titus the Mutilator
Hair color/Style: black, curly, in pontytail to keep out of his face
Eye Color mud brown
Sexual orientation Straight
Personality: Feels entitled to anything he can take or get. It you refuse him something, he'll just take it. Also very knife happy. He enjoys causing pain and distress. He would never kill someone without extreme need though. He does not have a weakness for women, in fact, they are often the most common victims of mutilation, mainly for sassing him. Very few believe he'll carry out his threats.
History:Titus got smallpox when he was young, and managed to survive. As a result, his skin is horribly pockmarked. Titus grew up poor, and once he got big enough he realized he could take what he wanted. And so he did, until one person decided to stand up against him. That unfortuante individual accidently got his ear cut off in the scuffle. After that, the title "the Mutilator" got attached to Titus' name, and he did his best to uphold it. He lived as an outlaw, going from small town to small town, taking what he wanted and slicing off bits of people who defied him. He had a fun time with that. but now at forty two years old, Titus is past his prime. He is well into middle age in his country, and is looking to retire, settle down with one of his four wives (they are not aware of his actions or of the other wives). But of course, it's not going to be easy, will it?