Alright so yeah I'm back. Trying to get on as much as possible and put these up because I get bored. So yeah.
Things have been going great for the past couple of years. I am now a sophmore in highschool, at least I will be in the fall. Uhm... I need at least 22 credits to graduate on time and I'm already behind. I'm without 1/2 a credit of U.S. History and 1/2 a credit of Algebra1. Fail. And these are both 2nd semester. Bigger fail. I can only take one of these courses over during the school year. The other I'm going to have to take summer school next summer since summer school ends this week and I was never signed up for it. Yay.
Nothing new. Just haven't really been getting along with them. Hah, but who does?
Excellent progress here. Have many more friends than can count. I have older, as in, not in my grade. They're wonderful. I can't live without them. And as for you people sorry I've been gone for so long. I didn't mean to!
Life In General:
Alright life has actually been going good. I finally have my first real boyfriend. He's a year older than me but that doesn't bother my parents. And I was suprised that they didn't go off on me. That was the best part I think. Unfortunately he can't come over any more because his mother doesn't trust him. Hah. My dad says he trusts me, just not him. Understandable considering how teenage boys are these days. There's also so many girls after him and they won't back down, so I consider myself lucky. He's wonderful. Then life... Wow. So much drama I tell you. But I'm trying to train myself to get away from all that. And so far everything's been going in one ear and out the other. Great!! My taste in music also differs. I do not like country anymore. But rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, metal, and screamo (if there's such thing) are things I love to listen to. I just don't like the older stuff. Ewww. Haha.

Anyways that was just a lil but...
How about we catch up people?!