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smutty cannibal prince
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There wasn't a single thing that he wanted more than freedom, more than revenge. The damp cell from where he sat offered little comfort and amplified his desires. Murder they had said. Murder, they had said, he committed. He neither remembered the incident nor remembered ever seeing the victim. His pleas went unheard and he was faced with some jail time and a death sentence that was to be carried out in a matter of a few hours.

The aroma filled the room before he could see the last meal he requested. The contents grotesque to view and the smell worse than previous meals. They were taunting him. They were just waiting for the hours to pass. One less criminal to take care of. He wasn't hungry but poked around the food on the tray in front of him. A few minutes passed when he noticed something odd about this last meal, a crumpled piece of paper was buried beneath the goo.

"I believe you. Believe you aren't guilty. I can help you. Do you wish for freedom? Do you think you can escape?"

He reread the note in his hand several times before deciding that it was simply a cruel game. Nobody believed him. Why should they? The world had been told that he commited such an atrocious crime and the world had believed it. He needn't be guilty for the world to pin him as such. The paper crumpled in his fist as a new flame of fury over came him at this new taunt.

There wasn't a knock at the door before the guards marched in. There were two of them to escort him to his death. He knew that it was time. One guard glanced at the unedlible mush that still filled the tray and remarked about the quick death from a lack of substance. What a pity that there wouldn't be any fight. The inmate clutched his fists together, the note still held firmly in his right hand. Perhaps this is what it had meant. Perhaps they wanted a fight. As much as he didn't want to give them what they wanted he had contemplated fighting his way through. Although, it was nearly impossible to escape maybe they would kill him during the chase and be unable to present him to the unlookers looking for a good death.

Before he had thought of his actions he slammed the palm of his left hand against the bottom of the nearest guards nose ramming it up into his brain. Turning quickly he narrowly missed being hit with the baton of the other guard who noticed the fight. The guard remarked again, this time joyed by the fight against death. The inmate couldn't recall the events or his actions. He did only has he had done for years. Allowed instincts to save him from the inevitable.

Both guards laid against the cold cement floor unmoving. He stripped one of the ear com he had been wearing and put it in his own ear. This way he may have a little heads up of where the guards were coming from. They all communicated through the ear coms. As soon as he put it on he knew that others were headed to subdue him while the building was being put in lock down. He didn't have much time.

"You actually did it," the voice echoed in his ear. He couldn't tell it to be a male or female voice but he definatly new it wasn't a voice he had been hearing as he tried to make it quickly and unoticed to the exit. He didn't respond to the voice but he didn't have to either, "Funny, you are beginning to think you will make it to the exit." He tried to ignore the voice, though it was right. "What is the point of the effort though. Once you are on the outside they will hunt you. Never to be free again."

He stopped moving and stood there. The voice was right. They were just going to hunt him down relentlessly. He would never be free to do as he pleased. What was the point in fighting? The voice spoke again. "Do you gamble?" He didn't answer. He didn't want to answer. He didn't want to care. The voice spoke again into his ear, "You do gamble. Everyday you gamble your life. Today let us again gamble your life." The voice paused then resumed, "Escape and I'll make you a free man but you will owe me a favor or two." He chuckled outloud. That was definatly a gamble. Nobody could make him a free man the whole world had known of his guilt and one couldn't just erase the minds of the world. But the offer was intriguiging. Besides perhaps he could live just a few more days, have a few more days to seek his revenge. That was all he asked within his thoughts. A few days.

The voice in his ear warned him of oncoming guards, told him where to go in order to avoid the most of them. He dealt with the few he came across as quickly as possible so he could move on. His own ability to continue to move only pushed forward with adrenaline. He hadn't the strength to pursue this from the beginning. The few good attacks from the guards were beginning to wear on him. The only thing that kept him moving forward was adrenaline. Adrenaline and that voice in his ear that the others could not hear.

Finally he reached the open air outside of the compound. He had not the slightest idea where to go. He did know that he would not be able to go much further. He had not yet spoken to the voice and just when he was about to it answered his question. Telling him that shelter could be found to the west only a few hundred feet. It seemed unlikely but he didn't care. It was a good run even if he was caught. He was tired, he was nearly unable to move. He reached the area and found himself a cozy little area mostly hidden. Collapsing where he stood he could feel his eyelids heavy. Just before he passed out he heard the voice one last time.

"Good night Zachariah. Welcome to your new beginning."

He heard the irritating repetition of two small objects dropping against a table. The attempt to block the noise was impossible and he opened his eyes in annoyance before sitting up. It pained him along his torso but it was not enough to stop him from sitting, the pounding in his head was another story.

“Oh, finally your up,” a female voice nearly squealed causing his head to throb even worse. He did not have a chance to tell her to quiet before she continued, “We can play now!”

The two small objects dropped against the table again as she dug in her pocket. He held his head up in his hands holding his eyes shut to block the bright light. He was wishing that she would quite mumbling to herself while she searched her pocket but didn’t say anything for fear that she might squeal again. That would have been worse for sure.

She pulled out a deck of cards and emptied them from the box. While she shuffled the cards she listed different games, asking which one he wanted to play first. It did not sound like she was going to give him much of a choice. When there was a pause for his answer he just groaned and shook his head. Not used to being told no she asked again which he would like to play first.

The answer was a clear and verbal nothing followed by a question of whether there were any pain killers around.

The young woman jumped from the chair she was in and went to the counter, “I almost forgot.” She brought him a couple white pills and a cup of liquid, “Auntie said you would need this and to give it to you as soon as you woke.”

With a look of mild annoyance he took the offered items and quickly downed them both. He was thankful that it did not take long before they started to kick in since the girl refused to be quiet and continued to talk to him. He had so many questions but with his head pounding the way it was it was unlikely that he would be able to form a proper question. Besides, he doubted, that this female would be able to answer many questions he had. Giving up for the moment he laid back down. The last thing he heard before falling asleep again was the girls voice whining that he hadn’t played a game with her.

When he awoke the next time there was not anyone around, this pleased him since he had grown used to being in solitude while incarcerated. He sat up in the bed and waited for a while before deciding that he might as well try to get up and move around. He found the room he was in was rather large despite its small look. There was very little in the room as well. As he walked he noted the bed he had gotten out of, a small table near it with a couple chairs, across the room there was a large cupboard hutch but he couldn’t see what was inside. Other than the sink attached to the counter along the far wall and a window he found nothing else. Nothing else he could see at least in the dim lighting of the room.

Bored of the room he decided that he would walk around the building he was in, assuming it wasn’t a hospital or something of the sort that would restrain him as soon as they noticed he was moving. The hallway outside the room was long and only seemed to go in one direction with several doors along both walls that he found locked. As he neared the end of the hallway his nose began to fill with a delicious aroma and he found himself following the scent to the kitchen.

Quietly he watched the woman whose back was towards him as she stirred something over the stove. Although, she never once looked at him, he watched her move around the kitchen prepping and preparing other food for dinner. He wondered how many people would attend dinner since she seemed to be cooking quite a lot, he didn’t ask though.

“Found you!” The girlish squeal from earlier caught his attention as she tapped him on the shoulder. The woman he had been watching ignored the gesture and continued with her cooking. “You thought you could hide from me. Nope, nope, nope.”

With the pounding in his head gone he found the voice less painful and more annoying. She had the physique of a young woman but dressed and acted, he decided, like a child.

Learning is something that ought to be valued highly. Whether learning something new in the workforce, learning new ways to perfect an existing skill, or learning in an established facility. Acquiring knowledge in every area of life continues for a lifetime and some even seek out that knowledge instead of letting it come to them. Some people are not satisfied with the mundane and have a passion for education. A passion that takes them across plains of papers, mountains of books, and caverns of questions in order to pursue a better understanding of what they know and explore their educational goals. My name is Kya Cole and I am one of those people.
After high school I spent an academic year away from school and worked to save money. During this time I looked at myself as a person and tried to evaluate my goals so that I could effectively strive to meet them. Another learning experience during that time was living on my own outside of my parents’ house. This was quite educational and one of the things that helped me to decide to really pursue a higher education in something I already knew I wanted to do. Now I am currently studying to get my Associates of Arts degree with an emphasis in Elementary Education.
In order to obtain a better understanding of the things I have learned I will ask questions. These questions cause me to read through books to explore the different opinions and views on each subject and each book leads me to another. I enjoy the thrill of researching different topics and aspects of topics and broadening my knowledge on each. Reading is the key to broadening ones views, opinions, and knowledge after deciphering what to believe and not too believe.
Reading only reaches so far and in order to get a better understanding of one’s own beliefs and the possibilities the world offers one must take different approaches to a subject or topic. I find myself writing to explore those possibilities. Questions open up the world and research helps us to understand it but, for me, writing helps to examine the subject. Writing, like many other art forms, allows us to expand a subject, piece of history, or idea and explore it more in-depth while it is bigger than life. By expanding the narrow scope to something bigger than ourselves, we can look at the incident from different angles with different possibilities. Often these create more questions while answering some of those we already have.
Questions can also lead us to dreams and goals we never thought possible. A dream I have always had is to be able to study abroad. For the longest time I thought it was something that would not be able to be accomplished but by asking questions and exploring what offers are available to me that dream is now a real possibility for my future. I am working towards studying abroad in Germany during the next academic year in order to pursue education from multiple perspectives and become more culturally aware. Not only will this be an opportunity of a lifetime that will help shape me more as a person and student but the experience and knowledge I gain from studying in another country will help me create a more diverse learning environment once I become an educator.
Exploring the world around me and learning to look at something through multiple perspectives has helped me become a more educated person. I strive to ask questions and make always changing conclusions based off of the information I take in. Learning has opened doors to make me question things I once thought to be concrete fact and bring forth dreams I never thought would be a reality. Although my grades do not always reflect my desire to learn, my passion for learning is a strong part of who I am.

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