phone has been dead, plug it in in the bedroom, charge it

robin says she has to go, gets offline, i'm like "ok, strange"

bring my phone in here, check twitter, see msgs, one of my friend deactivated bc of people bullying him and s**t

ok, ********. ********. ********. ********. ********.

start looking for answers, waiting on dms.

check my priv, oh, ********, robin dropped out bc of the ******** rape s**t, jesus fcuking christ really okay, ******** fine, ill talk to them about that, waiting, waiting

missed phone call, unknown number, check voicemail

friend who's recently divorced and has a kid tried to kill himself

w e l p what the ******** s**t

so now i'm on the phone waiting and waiting on dms trying to figure out what the ******** is going on and if hes ok