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Key to my World
The Disband and The Aftermath
The Princess was taking inventory on the items that the crew had when the Captain popped into the room. "Hey. You ready for our next mission?" He asked. "Yes. Let me finish this up and we'll get started preparing." She replied. Then all of a sudden the Engineer came into the room. "Hey, you ready to go to port to resupply?" he asked the Princess. "Oh right." She said as she stood up from her seat. "Sorry Cap. I'll be back after me and Demen come back from the city. It shouldn't take long." Then the Princess and Engineer grabbed their bags and left for the city, while the Captain sat in that room with a look on his face like a storm was about to hit.

Meanwhile in the city the Princess and Engineer waltz around as they found things to resupply on the ship. "You know what we should do?" The Engineer asked the Princess. "No what?" She replied. "We should get some glacial ice while we are out. I heard that J is working the shop right now. He can get us a good price for it." He said as the Princess' eyes grew at the thought of the glacial ice. "Sounds good. It's been a while since I had some." She said as she picked up the last of the items they needed. The two then headed out the shop meanwhile back at the ship the room where the Captain once sat was empty and the ship grew very quiet.

Back at town the Princess and Engineer had arrived at the glacial ice shop. "Oh look. There's J right there." The Princess said as she pointed over to the busy counter. J had been scooping glacial ice for a long line of customers and had yet to notice his comrades. The two then went to the back of the shop and picked out their favorite flavors of glacial ice. They then went and waited at the back of the line. "Haha, he hasn't noticed us yet." The Princess chuckled to the Engineer as he just made faces towards J. After helping a few customers J finally noticed the Engineer and the weird faces he was making towards him and just gave a look that said what in god's name are you doing here. "What are you guys doing here?" J asked. The engineer scoffs. " You know that's a very rude thing to say to a paying customer." The Engineer says while he shakes his head in fake disappointment. "Yeah J, now be a good friend and ring us up." The Princess said. The Princess and Engineer bought their glacial ice and thanked J for helping them out. Afterwards they headed out back to the ship. The Princess ever so eager to go on her next mission with the Captain.

Once back on board they started to set sail. The Princess ran back to the room and thrust the doors open, anxious to find out what they were gonna do. "Captain!" She yelled with a smile on her face. She then stopped in her tracks to see that the room was empty. "Captain?" She said and then noticed a note on the table. The Princess picked it up and realized it was a note from the Captain saying where he will be. Confused she put the note in her pocket and ran out towards the plank of the ship. The sky had suddenly grew dark and clouds began to gather.

Over by the plank the Captain can be seen leaning on the ledge of the ship looking as if he was in deep thought. "Captain!" Yelled the Princess. "Ready for that mission?" She asked. The Captain then turned around to her with dark cloudy eyes. She stopped in her tracks. The Captain looked down towards the floor then closed his eyes for a moment before looking back up with a serious face. "Captain?" The Princess said. "How do you...how do you feel about being on the seas with me?" Asked the Captain. "What do you mean? I mean it's rough out here and not really the best conditions for me really. The missions are hard and tough but, I really really enjoy them. Why? What's wrong?" The Princess asked with confusion in her eyes.

Suddenly the storm had hit. The ship had started to rock back and forth. The Princess had started to lose balance. The Captain, being as this wasn't his first storm had been able to keep his footing. Then suddenly a wave crashed onto the ship and knocked the Princess off her feet. "Ahhh!" She screamed as she fell to the floor. She looked towards the Captain and asked "What's wrong? What's this all about? She cried out towards the Captain. "I don't think we should sail together anymore." He said as lightning struck the skies. The rain started to fall from the clouds above. The Princess' eyes suddenly grew wide. "What do you mean?" She asked quietly but loud enough for the Captain to hear. "What I mean is, you should go back home. Staying with me will only hold you back from your royal duties. I need time to figure out where I'm gonna go from here. I need a real challenge but I don't want you to get hurt. This crew from here on is disbanded." The Captain says to her with piercing eyes.

The Princess got up to her feet only to be knocked over again by another wave hitting the ship. "Captain. Why? Why are you doing this. If you need me to stay away from this mission of yours I can stay here but don't disband the crew!" The Princess cried out with tears forming in her eyes. The rain suddenly started to grow violent along with the seas. "This will be good for the two of us. Learn to venture on without me. Settle down in your kingdom. Find someone who will be good to you. This is the end." The Captain said as he looked down. It looked as if tears were forming in his eyes but it was hard to tell with all the rain. The Captain then looked up and started heading for the plank. "Wait! No!" The Princess cried out as she got up and ran towards the Captain.

Suddenly a huge wave had rocked the boat and the Princess slipped on the wet floor but she managed to grab hold of the Captain's coat. "Please. Please don't do this. Don't leave Captain." The Princess cried as she tried with all she had to hold onto the Captain. "Stop." He said. "Please! Please don't go! I love you!" She cried out. "STOP!" The Captain yelled at the top of his lungs. "This is the best for the two of us." He said as he broke free of the Princess' grasp and then he walked towards the end of the plank. "Please. No!" She said as she took one final look at the Captain before he jumped. The Princess' eyes went big and then she felt as if something broke within herself.

Later the crew had finally reached port. The ship was literally in shambles. The Princess hadn't said anything to the crew as of yet as she locked herself in her room. The Engineer had been busy the whole storm trying to keep the ship from sinking down below deck. Oblivious to all that happened when he got to deck he noticed that something was wrong. The crew had been talking saying that the Captain was nowhere to be seen and that the Princess had been locked in her room all afternoon. The Engineer walked towards the room of the Princess. He started hearing what he thought was sniffling. Then he heard a loud scream. He quickly went to open the door but it had been locked. He had been around the ship long enough to know to have extra keys when stuff like this happens. He unlocked the door, not sure of what he was about to walk into.

The princess laid on the floor to be in what looked like pain. The Engineer ran over to the Princess' side. "Luna what's wrong!?" He asked. "The...cap...he...." She mumbled as he tried to understand what she was saying. "What?" He couldn't understand through all her tears. "The Captain...said...the crew has been disbanded. He...wants me to figure out myself....that I need to fulfill me royal duties." The princess said. The Engineer looked down at the Princess and then grabbed a hold of her. "It's okay. You'll be okay." The Princess then broke down in all her tears and agony. "It's not fair. I tried so hard. What did I do wrong?" She asked painstakingly. The Engineer then replied "You didn't do anything wrong. You did more than you could." The Princess continued to cry as the Engineer comforted her.

Later the Princess had asked for some privacy and the Engineer gladly obliged to her request. Then he went out to the deck and gathered all the crew mates. "Everyone! From henceforth this crew is now disbanded on orders of the Captain." The crew gasped and then began to ask questions. "The Captain is on a solo mission. He apologizes for this short notice and thanks every single one of you for your help on this ship. But he believes that it would be best for you all to find another crew as this ship is basically shipwrecked." The Engineer said. "I know you all might have mixed feelings about this but really this will be for everyone's own good. As for where the Captain is and if he's still alive. I don't know. All I know is, is that we need to trust his words. It was great working with you all. Dismissed!" The Engineer said as he stepped down from the deck above. "So now what?" Crewmate Fatal asked Demen. "Same as we always do. Work and keep an eye on the Princess."

After a days had passed everyone had gone back to work. Demen and Fatal went back to the kingdom with Princess Luna. Though not everything went back to normal for the princess. "Princess you need to eat. It's been days since your last meal." The maid said as she tried to get Luna to eat. Luna took a bite to eat just to appease the maid but moments later picked up a pan that had been laying next to her bed and released whatever was left in her stomach. "No more please. Just let me rest." Luna asked as she lay her head back down. Her voice became so quiet and her breathing ragged. The maid then cleaned up the food tray and left. As she closed the door she turned around to come face to face with Demen. "Oh, you scared me Demen." She said. "How is she?" He asked. "Oh well she still hasn't eaten anything and her body seems to be rejecting anything we give her to help her." Said the maid. Demen looked towards her door worried about what's to come.

The Princess had gone to royal meetings whenever they were planned but always had to leave early due to sickness. Days had gone by and not a word from the Captain was heard. The Princess had been staying in her room more so than usual these days. One day Luna was sitting in the family room looking at all the treasures she obtained on one of her last missions with the Captain. "Hey." Luna looked up and noticed Fatal behind her. Her eyes as cold and cloudy as the dead. "The captain and I will no longer be together. He says he needs to find himself. I get it. We are at different points in our lives and he doesn't want to hold me back from my royal duties." She said to him.

"Don't worry. He'll be back." Fatal said. Luna looked up at Fatal confused. "What?" She asked. "He'll be back. From what I've been through and what I know, he'll bounce back. It might not be today or tomorrow but he just needs time you know." Fatal said to Luna as he kneeled down to hold her. "You just need to be patient." Luna then began to cry a little. Fatal then look at her and asked "Have you heard of the rubber band effect?" Luna stopped crying and looked at Fatal and shook her head. "No what is it?" She asked. "Well when you have a rubber band it can stretch in two ways. It can't just stretch one way and have the other side follow it. You need to let it stretch so that it can snap back together. Get it? So if you give him that space he'll come back." Luna thought about this and nodded her head towards Fatal and continued to lean on him for comfort.

Days had gone by and still no word was heard from the Captain. Luna then sent a message to an old friend asking for comfort. She thought this will more than likely be a bad idea but she needed someone to help ease the pain. Luna had become ill from the lack of food she had been eating. She began holding on to a doll that was given to her by the Captain when they first started going on the seas together. Somehow it kept her sane enough to get through the days. Anywhere she went little Twilight, the doll, went with her. Royal meetings, dinners and outings. Demen started to realize that at this rate the Princess would collapse. He headed towards the city with a mission on his mind.

The Princess sat in her room once again looking at her treasures when suddenly she heard a knock. "Come in." she said. As the doors opened she looked and saw Demen had entered. "Demen. How are you?" she asked. "Good. Don't worry the Captain will talk to you soon. I'm going to make contact with him." He told her as her eyes grew and suddenly some light came back to them. "Really?" she asked. Demen nodded and said "Yeah but don't worry too much okay. It's not like he left for forever." Luna then sighed in relief. "I just...I just hope he's okay. That he's doing well and eating properly. And that he's feeling alright." She said as she hugged onto Twilight even harder. "Just be patient." Demen said as he hugged her.

The day had passed and Luna had been busy trying to keep the Captain off her mind. When suddenly she received a message from the Captain. They were to meet at a place she never been to before. So she quickly got dressed in her clothes and coat and ran out the palace doors. Luna had reached a cave with purple lights shimmering on the sides. She took a deep breath and walked into the cave. It was dark until she reach some stairs leading up to some doors. She was wondering why would the Captain have her venture to such a place and that a place in the city would have been much easier. Luna shook the questions out of her mind and stepped up the stairs and through the doors.

It was dark but the Princess wasn't about to stop now. As she took one more step the middle of the room lit up and lights began to encircle the room.The floor lit a blue path to the center and led to what looked to be a tree with a hole in it and a little fountain of water. Luna walked up towards the fountain and looked into it. She hesitantly took her hand and drew it towards the water. As soon as she touched the water it began to shine and suddenly the hole in the tree filled with the water that was in the fountain. Luna stared in awe not knowing what was happening. After it had finished filling she looked deep into the tree and suddenly she saw him. The Captain.

Her eyes grew wide and filled with tears. She couldn't believe her eyes and she fell to her knees. "Captain?" She said. Through the water she could see him as he stared at her. "Hey." He said. She got back to her knees still in shock and not quite sure of what was happening. If what she is seeing is real or not but she didn't care. "Hi. How are you? Are you okay? Are you eating well?" She said without taking a breathe between sentences. "I'm fine. Are you okay?" he asked. "I've been ill Cap. Physically and emotionally. How's your mission?" The princess asked. "Not very good but when do they go well? Haha." He said as he chuckled. "Have you been going to your royal duties?" he asked. "Yes." She replied. The two continued to talk for over an hour.

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