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Albino Baby's Journal
I'm not really a big person for writing in journals, but once and a while, I like to just get it aaaaaalllllll out! Like how everytime I turn around i see mey arch enemy, The easter bunny, and how everytime I'm sick, my milk tastes like dirt, and how
Sooo yeah.
Today...well, lets just say that Monster's Inc. Pop tarts are FULL of sugar. Yeah, they really are. I had two bites and then i was wide awake. My friend took one bite, and she was bouncing off the walls. They are really really gross though. Just good for a sugar buzz. sweatdrop Teehee. So anyway....yes, Japan bowl is on Saturday, so that will be fun too! WOOT! blaugh

Mood: blaugh Pretty Hyper.

Song: Bouncing off the walls:Sugar Cult

Yay! I got loads of NBC stuff! Yay for stuff! I bought the Invader Zim Series. yay! I loveded it! The whole series to watch over new years! woohoo!! I love Invader Zim, and Dib, and GIR!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO! I had bacon on my Pizza!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Mood: blaugh Absolutely HYPER!!!!!!!

Song: Invader Zim Theme song (BWAHAHAHAHA)

One more day!
blaugh One more day! woot! Christmas is so close! Woohoo! I went out to lunch with my long lost friend Katie today. Very nice visit. We talked about pretty much everything. She actually got her drivers permit. Watch out world. There's a new driver on the road. Teehee. Okay, so I'm going to a party tonight...can't say I wanna go, but oh well. No choise.[I cannt spell today, so shut up!]

Mood: Giddy blaugh
Song: "She's a maniac!"

Yay! tomarrow is Christmas Eve!! I'm so excited! So, this year we aren't gonna have Christmas with my dad klike we usually do. I'm not going to wake up to presents at his house. Just at my mom's house. On Christmas we wake up at mom's, the open stuff, then go to granny's house.....and then finally to dad's house to open stuff...OH WELL! Oh, I get to go to the mall today! Yes, I am crazy! sweatdrop Woohoo can't wait for the traffic on the roads thanks to the several inches of snow...well, that is all. MERRY CHRISTMAS IN TWO DAYS! blaugh

Wow, I dunno what to think right now....okay....hmmmmm. I got forty bucks for baby sitting on Saturday! Woot!! blaugh The younger child was a handful....he just kept talking and talking and he wouldn't stop! Oh god! gonk He was yelling about nothing. And not yelling at me, he just raised his voice when he was telling me stories about his life. Wow, that kid never shut up.... sweatdrop

blaugh Today I must baby sit...NUUUUUU! I know no one reads these entries, but what the heck?I'm gonna use the money I make to buy my Japanese sista (My exchange student from a few monthes ago that went home) something for Christmas. She sent me a whole box full of stuff, and some stuff for a few of my friends she met too. So I wanna get her some nice stuff. Candy of course, and other stuff like tee shirts or something. Something nice, but I'm missing my dad's Christmas party, and he's kinda upset, but I can't back out now. So, oh well. xp

stare Okay, so today was kinda a day for me to stare at everyone, and stuff. Everytime I went somewhere, I ended up staring at them with my mouth wide open...And my dumb math teacher kept giving me all these tests to make up....everytime she said it was the last one. she handed me another saying it was the last one! stressed *Twitch*

gonk Oh my god of bacon! Today must be Friday! It has to be! What....? It is only THURSDAY??? NUUUUUUUU!!!!! Well, I am about to kinda...I dunno....melt. Today is a huge brain fart and the pop machine is yelling at my cheese! gonk Oh god!

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Lost Windsock
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