What a season to remember! Tom Brady suspended for the first 4 games and most analytics dissing the Falcons. Giving the team the benefit of the doubt.

As we know the backups have proven themselves by still dominating the games without Brady. The Falcons prove their worth as their offense keeps scoring left to right with the help of their defense.

Who do I think will win the superbowl? Tom Brady could go for his 5th ring with a huge grudge on his shoulders for being suspended the first 4 games and all the drama. The Falcons and Matty Ice could shock the world by taking it away from the Patriots. We seen what happened to Alabama Crimson Tides wink .

I still think Brady and Patriots with their experience along with coaching can overwhelm the first time team Falcons in the Superbowl.

Final Score:

I expect this to be a close game! Either way, both teams worked hard to get to the super bowl!