I haven't had time to write anything today, but I have found the leading zombie. I don't know how he got to a position. I also aren't close enough. He is somewhere up in Iceland, where the disease started. To face this zombie, and his army, I will need help. So far I have two other people recruited, and we need more to fight of f this horde of zombies. You all know how CoD zombies are, you can't go forever, so I will need at least 20+ people to help me take on a horde like this, don't worry, the pathway to our base is safe, no matter where you are in the U.S, North America, South America, Australia, Eurasia, Asia, Europe, everthing but the Countries, and providences up north, like Greenland, Iceland and lots of others like that, you are safe to make it to the base in Columbus, Ohio. "ZombieLand Reference"

Hope you will find us,
That is all