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DApanther83's Journal
Does this really need a discription?
evil i know only i read this and thats cause i write it but this one i hope a certain someone reads. If the so mentioned person does read this they should know its about them. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH TAKING 5 YEARS TO RESPOND TO MY PM'S? Is it possible for you to get back to me in a timely manner? cause it sure dont seem like it. is it so much to ask for you to be quicker at it. yes i know you arent on often but when you are like now it shouldnt take this long. now i know it would be different if i had a p***y and was named larissa cause you drop what ever you had planned or any other responsibility to be with her. evil

Sick and tired
Is it just me or is all the crap that this site is doing pissing you off. First its one thing and we lose eveything we've bought. Then most of the fishing spots are not working and we can't change our stuff. Now we can change our stuff but still can't fish in all but 1 spot which sucks. I know I am the only one who reads my stuff but its good to rant even if it's to myself.

Mental block
As the name says i have a mental block. My guess is cause for some reason I am listening to a country song and for anybody who doesn't know me I hate country music. So far my week has been pretty normal. It's had 1 high point then the rest is rather neutral. Haven't really done s**t. I've had some friends over and took my friend Louie to a prescreening of the Ring 2 which was good and proved to him that i can go a full 24 hours around the same people and not argue. Not that arguing is all I do but it seems that nobody can stand to be on my side. When an issue comes up between my friends and I, no matter the issue they are 99% of the time against me which they don't seem to care if it bothers me or not cause it gives them something to do. And to think about it seems that our lenghty realationship is now based around someone making another one of us angery or to make fun of them. We all do itweither willing or not but I would have to say that 75% of it comes from one person, who has said that if he had other firends he probably drop the ones hes got now which made me not want to be his friend but I enjoy the friendships I have, cause they aren't just friends they are like my brothers. But enough about that. So I took Louie to the movie and he almost instantly leaves me to go be with a girl that hasn't talked to him in a while. So there I am by myself which isn't uncommon. The thing that bothers me is that I only get to see him 1 or 2 times a week and in an instant he smokes me making it seem like our 10 years of knowing each other doesn't mean s**t. Him and 1 of our other friends have seemed to come down with a B.A. complex especially after what he wrote today. What ever. I am done for now. But as always there will be more but if I choose to write about it is to be debated.

I dont know whats up lately i have been so bored which is nothing new but it seems like i am more bored. I cant explain it. Plus my sleeping schedule is all ******** up and getting any sleep is a task. Has the King Of Sleep found a sub-concious block. Damn it. Im done here for now.

One of my "Stupid" friends
God damn he pisses me off. He knows damn well that i know he is not stupid and he act that way alot. To him when he reads this, first you mention my other post in front of the aggresive country then you take from one of my entries. Shame on you and I will KILL YOU. I give you credit all the time on how smart you are. And yes you are going with this thing thinking you are always right like our forementioned friend. Anyway me and you shall be speaking about this soon. scream

I dont know why but when it comes to simple stuff like this my brain basically stops. It really sucks. I have been thinking about the situations between my friends, and they keep coming up as seperate countries to me. Most of them have their veiws and want me to see it that way to. One is the aggressive country because he has to have his way. Another one is the doorstep country cause most people just walk all over him. I would basically be Sweden. I am ******** neutral. Its just odd that we all dislike stuff about the others but we are still a close groups of friends.

What the hell?
Why is it people basicly go out of their way to do stupid s**t? I mean by doing this what do they accomplish besides angering me. Which isnt good for anybody because when im mad or aggitated I will bring others down with me. Everybody i know, knows this but that doesnt stop them. And another thing, why is it that people think i'm a complete idiot, but if you were to find out how much i acyually know and how wide my range of knowledge is they wouldn't. I am always getting my learn on (my way of saying learning new stuff) finding out what ever i can. Has it become to much to converse with someone without thinking they are below you. I don't know, I am guilty of this just like everybody else but I am at least working on it, but it's not fixable by only 1 person. Oh well my thoughts are done for now.

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