This is my second semester in community college and so far it has made me very sad. For some reason Ive just been in an overall depressing mood plus I have a job and a full- time student.

As a full-time student I feel overwhelmed already because I didn't take this many classes the previous semester and I have a lot of work to do. One major thing stressing me out about college is I still have no idea what I want to do and I am taking classes where everyone assumes its your major and I feel bad seeing everyone in half my classes knowing what they want to do and I do not.

A second thing is two of my ex's go to the college and they make me sad. I have tried very hard making peace with them both but they keep pissing me off or mostly one currently. So at the same time at college I feel somewhat lonely as well.

Third thing is the classes themselves. A media class im taking doesn't seem to hard but the teacher gives us like four things to do and that with my other classes just seems like a big load.

My math class really makes me mad because my teacher went strait into teaching the class without going over the basic syllabus at all which I believe is required for teachers to do so and I was use to my other teachers who did that already. She also didn't explain things very well, the teacher went into talking about math in taxes and I did not understand any of the words she was using. And so when I spoke up at the end of class she said to use the book instead of having her help me herself. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who didn't know anything about doing taxes.

I don't mind my job its a simple cashier job I haven't dealt with it too much yet. I really hope my work load for school doesn't get so heavy that I will cut my hours. I need to make money I am a little low and I need to help pay for my college books and stuff like that. I am trying not to take as much money from my parents.

I apologize now for going so into detail but I have been miserable for longer than I want to be and I feel the need to be into detail to relief some of that sadness.

I have a lot of planning to do with what assignments I have for school because I have a lot and I have failed twice at making schedules for it already.

ps. Because of all this work load stuff I will be on gaia less this fall I am very sorry.