I just want to take some time and reflect on my current relationship situation.
I haven't really journaled about my life in a very long time and I'm in much need of some written therapy.
At this very stage in my life, I'm so disappointed with men. They have brought me nothing but pain and have only wasted my time.
I either get caught up with a f*ck boi or I am just straight up lied to about what someone wants in life.
I don't understand why it's so difficult to find a genuine human being who won't twist my arm, victimize themselves, or guilt trip me into staying with them.
News flash: you are not compatible with me!
I'm sick and tired of being used and abused by men who just want a piece of ass or unconditional nurturing. It's not fair. It sucks all of my energy out and it's a very selfish thing for them to do. They never see the world from my point of view and I am just down-right agitated.
Why is it so f*cking hard to find someone who will place my needs before their own?! It's always them, them, them. But what about me?! Ughhhh

I am at such a vital stage in my life. I will be starting medical school, being exposed to a whole new pool of potential people. I hope to god that this will be a wonderful opportunity for me to excel in my professional life as well as my romantic life.
I have always been stuck in a rut of supporting people and once again, surprise surprise, they never f*cking reciprocate that type of love.