Uh yeah a few years ago I wrote down the stories me and my friend made. And through them I saw pain, misery and the destruction of my personality while in school.
But that has nothing to do with this story. I am writing a short story to see if I have improved or not. SO if any one of my friends see this story which might be long please read it and give me your opinion. The story is Called: Dreams or Reality. The chapters will start with my ideals then slip into the story.

Rei's Note 1

Dreams are not merely dreams, but are the reality of an unknown entity.

Chapter I

As I awoken, I found myself in a dimmed lit room. The only source of light was from a candle found near the bottom left corner of a wall. As I looked around, all I saw was the darkness that was not illuminated by the candle. No door to be found, much less a window. As I continued to search, I saw a faint glimpse of something on the wall towards the candle. As I continued my gaze, I could not help but think I need to get closer towards the candle. I lifted myself from the bed, but the moment I lifted myself out of bed I found myself collapsing onto the ground. Only to realize I had no legs to walk upon to begin with. So with all my might I began to crawl towards the candle. Inch by inch I began to crawl towards the light I began to crave for. Longing for the warmth and knowledge that it might shine upon the mystery of where I am. But as I began to get closer, the light stared to dim little by little; as if a force was slow killing it. So I began to panic, raising the pace towards the candle as if it was a life I was trying to rescue. Closer and closer I approached the light to find that it has the gone out. With a sigh of relief I averted my gaze towards the wall, only to find writing. The writing appeared to be old and was already fading from what the it might had originally meant. But besides from a few words missing from here and there, It could still be read. Bring the almost gone flame towards the wall I began to read. "Dreams are the gateway... the ..... and .... of ...." See as the passage could not be finished a began to lay there. My thoughts towards the message only came up with not. I felt as if I found a clue that could help me but as felt that it was meaningless. So I just continued to lay there. Only to close my eyes to the flickering of the candle as it died out. I saw nothing and heard nothing, while I felt the cold embrace of the darkness that held me tight. Slowly I reached towards the candle that died out moments before, trying to feel any trace of it warmth. But holding the unlit candle only brought me despair with it cold touch, for no warmth was left to be found. Slowly I enveloped myself in the darkness....when suddenly the candle I held ignited in my hands. Surprised I hurdled the candle forward only to have it engulf my bed in flames. I only watched as my whole area was devoured by flames. Smoke filled the area, with no windows I could only suffocate. My sight became unstable as I slowly closed by eyes. Slowly but surely I could see deaths door opening itself upon me. As I slowly passed out I could hear the sounds of footsteps and voices echoing throughout the room. "What have I done...?" are the last words I heard before I left to meet death in person.
To be continue

Okay I am hoping at least a few of my friends comment on this, I want to see if this stories first chapter is good enough to continue. So if anyone sees this I would hope you give me some comments and even ideas to this story.