There's this saying that goes "think outside the box." There's also another saying called "think before you speak." Apparently neither of these sayings is very common anymore. A friend of mine on Gaia, digi162, said that we in the US have a "Subway culture". A culture where we are used to being catered to and getting our way and never appreciating or considering the people catering us.

It's like people enjoy going through life with blinkers on their heads. (Blinkers, for anybody who doesn't know and won't pick up a dictionary, are those flaps on a carriage horse's bridle that keep the horse focused on what's in front of him.) It's easier when you don't have to stretch your brain outside the small realm of possibilities, isn't it? Well, hello, ya could at least make an effort.

As my friends already know, I am employed at Arby's after working my butt off to get a summer internship but having no luck. So I was cleaning dining room and this well-dressed man is eating his lunch. He watches me with this disappointed look on his face and finally asks me if I graduated high school. I said, "Yes, I graduated from Capital High in 2004." Then he asks me how old I am and I tell him 23. And then he goes off on a rant, lecturing me about how much I am wasting my life in "this dump" and how I could be trying in get into a good college and scolding me for basically "giving up on my future and taking the easy way out by working for years in fast food." He all but accused me of being a complete failure who would never amount to anything if I didn't get off my a** and attempt to go to college.

Needlessly to say, I was angry. I told him I was an English major with a Women's Studies minor at Emory & Henry College and I was "avidly pursuing a bright future as a novelist, poet and professor of Shakespearean literature." I also told him I had no desire to stay at Arby's until August and his assumption about my status was a "poorly thought-out stereotype of all fast food workers."

What happened after that is not important (he apologized and left). What I find absolutely irritating is that his idea is actually normal. Seriously, digi was right. People don't consider or appreciate others. That man was so used to thinking all fast food workers are idiots who don't care about a college education that he went as far as lecturing me about it. I know plenty of my co-workers who are either in college, about to graduate college, or are going to night school to finish their education.

It's not fair to think so narrowly of others. You should not act like a narrow-minded dipstick and think you are superior to those catering to your needs just because they are serving you. For all you know, that fast food cashier had no choice but to take the job because the crap-a** economy didn't give him/her any other option despite how hard he/she looked.

So try to think outside the box when it comes to being catered to. Don't judge the caterer based solely on their current career choice. Don't buy into this "Subway culture" and be considerate and appreciative of others. We'll thank you for it.

If not, well, Karma's a b***h.

**Note: Views in this rant are my own take on what my friend, digi162, said in my quest thread. Whether or not my viewpoint matches his is not really important. I'm just stating basically that his comment sounded similar to and reminded me of what had happened earlier today.