Baseball's regular season started earlier this week on Monday, with the exception of a few games on Sunday. The beginning of this sport's season is an indicator that spring is here and winter is finally gone, thank god.

Now this week, the Minnesota Twins opened up their last season in the HHH Metrodome, and next year will be located to their new outdoor field, Target Field. That will be the first time the Twins have played a home game outside in 20+ years. The Dome will still be used for the MN Vikings, and other events, so the building will remain intact.

The Twins have started their season 1-1 after dropping the Opener to the Seattle Mariners, but rallied in the second game of the series in the ninth inning to pull out a 6-5 win.

The Twins are looking like they're going to do much of the same as the last few years. They're going to play solid defense, rely on their young, talented pitching rotations to get them the lead, and get hit's with runners on the bases. Last year, the Twins were in the bottom half of the league in Home Runs hit, but were fairly high in the total number of runs scored. The addition of former White Sox 3B Joe Crede should help with his bat, should he stay healthy.