Hello! Hope you are doing well/good whatever! It's time for another journal entry, yay!

Not much going on. The last couple days I've just been relaxing and eating foodstuffs. I think when I fly back, I'mma have to get on the workout plan and hit it hard. I like food though.

I lit some sparklers today. Very nice to just sit and watch them fizz. I bought a-plenty. I did also lit some moon-tavelers with reports. Those were pretty fun. They like whistle through the air, then pop! Afterwards, I lit of some firecrackers! They were a bit loud. I wasn't sure if I was bothering the neighbors, but we do live in a more rural area: wide open space and all that.

I watched a little bit of clips with the family and had a few laughs. We ate dinner and now here I am, just sipping on some water. The day seemed to go by quick. I did wake up at 0930, however that can be early or late depending.

On RS now. My friends seem to be offline and I'm all aloooone! I think I might head into towns (2) to see whats up. I think there's one friend here that's online. I might say hello. Or I might say aye-o. For me, Aye-o is like I understand, hello, gotcha, no problem, or thanks. cat_blaugh I started this habit last year or earlier. Some of my friends have even taken up this action.

Oh, I ordered a package today. Was like a small foldable table, a mousemat, and something else. It was suppose to arrive today, but it got delayed. I'm so sad! cat_crying But it's okay, it'l arrive tomorrow I think. Maybe? cat_eek

I think that's it. As always, stay safe, healthy, and happy. cat_3nodding