Character Journal 11/1

wow last updated last halloween now this halloween. anywho how has your halloween been? Wow a lot has changed since the halloween event. first Jack just stopped the war by stripping the gods of their powers,then Sentinel and Overseer become poor and save christmas, then they fly off with Gino and now Edmund is trying to find 'em (saving an octopus on the way) 0.0 wowza.

anywho now we got ghosts buzzin around our cemeteries, so lets give em the ol' one two (which is actually an attack). Also i graduated from the magical institute :3 but still have the good ol' normal school -3-. but yay im a mage now biggrin

anywho i must now see if'n fairy tail actually exists, untill next time, see ya

also avi costume of '10, buzz lightyear