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Ayauran's Stuff
This is just basically anything random that i want to say.
So an old friend of mine started a novel ages ago. And we haven't spoken for a few years. I have no intentions of finishing this piece, and I wont post the actual story since She may end up going back and finishing it later, but I figured I would post the little "Fairy Tale" she had me create for use within the story.



For the story with Mello (no title yet)

There was once a far and distant land. It was covered with flowers, trees and grass. The people who lived on this wonderful world were all very small and accustomed to the darkness. The sun would only come out and shine for two months out of the year. The rest of the time was engulfed in the darkness.

This planet had no moons to produce light of any kind. Light was needed in their world. The Zaltaries had very sharp eyes in the darkness. They were able to see the smallest bug crawling on the ground from 20 feet away. They admired the flowers and trees this way as well. The trees were mostly bare, any leaves were a very dark shade of green. The grass was rough and golden. The flowers were nothing but weeds. However the Zaltaries called this home.

Their home was kept in peace. Nothing disturbed them because of the awful darkness. These people did not see it as something awful, more something to be admired. One day a group of strange creatures came to visit their planet. They had blinding things called flashlights, and horrible noises called music and radios. They detested these creatures.

The creatures that had come to the planet knew nothing of the night dwellers. They were merely there to finish a mission. To discard of a creature that was terrorizing their planet. Upon releasing the creature they quickly turned on more lights to keep them away. The creature fled.

After several years some unknown visitors came to the planet now know as Zaltaries. Named after the long forgotten creatures, that used to thrive here. The humans were here during the suns reign on the planet. They had come a long way from earth to find what had caused the night dwellers extinction. They had no knowledge of the other humans that had come several years earlier.

After setting up their main campsite they decided to take some samples of the strange plants. They had nothing to analyze them with but they intended to take them home for further study. The main photographer of the group took several images of the nearby area. Documenting the different kinds of plants and insects. There were very few things spending their time out in the sunlight.

They rummaged through small homes and searched the grounds for any sign of the night dwellers. Nothing of any kind was shown. Upon searching farther areas one child came upon an area that looked like a barren waste land. After pointing it out to the others they took a closer look. There were bones of all sorts scattered everywhere. Some bones were larger than an earth elephant. Others were smaller than a human infant or mouse.

They stayed at the wasteland for 2 days trying to determine just what the bones belonged too, and what had happened to make them this way. It couldn’t have been a predator. There were just far to many bones here for one species to make. All ecosystems were balanced. They figured something unexplainable must have happened. They didn’t know how quickly their time was running out. The main suns of the planet were beginning to set.

They went back to their camp and lit some lanterns for the night. They hoped the night dwellers would be out once it finally got dark. Their hopes were quickly put out. Not a single creature appeared for a long time. Not until the last of the light died. That’s when the strange noise began.

The sound was frightening. Like a very loud wing beat, and a strange low humming. It came from every direction. One man decided to go out and see what it was, he took only a single flashlight with him. Within minutes of being gone the others heard a very loud scream. It was the man who had left them. Following the scream was an almost screeching sound.

The explorers were now in a frenzy, they packed up everything they could and turned on as many lights as possible. They ran back to their ship and turned it on. Their main power source was dead. They talked about returning to another ship they had seen and checking the battery cells. Several disagreed, saying it would be far to dangerous, they would be walking into the unexpected.

Others who decided to go packed what they needed and left. They had no trouble for a while until someone dropped one of their flashlights. Upon trying to pick it up they came face to face with a terrifying monster. She screamed, the others turned instantly. They were surrounded by these strange creatures. How did they not notice before?

After thinking about it more, when they noticed the creatures would not come near the light, they figured it out. The creature that had once rampaged upon their planet. That’s exactly what these looked like, but how could there be so many?

They began to panic when their light had started to fade, the monsters were creeping closer and closer. One of the lights died and the person was snatched away instantly. Two creatures ripped the man in half while several others flew over to join the feast. There was the sound of flesh being ripped to shreds and the swish of the creatures tails. Their meal didn’t last long.

They knew now why there were so many bones. These things had devoured everything they could catch. They grew in numbers quickly and ate everything that moved. They must have been starving for years waiting fore more people to come.

The group ran back to their ship as fast as possible. One person fell down and their lantern broke, flicking the light out with it. The beasts instantly jumped on the opportunity and ripped the girls face off. She was nothing but a bloody mess. There were scraps of flesh being thrown all over the place. Blood splattered on the ground and was quickly lapped up by savage tongues.
They lost 5 people on the way back. And no one knew what else to do. The monsters circled their ship trying to find a way in. These monsters had a blind spot but no one knew what it was. They were only here for pictures and samples. They didn’t expect they would never be going back.

The last thing any of them had ever seen again, was their friends and co-workers being torn to pieces. As they looked up at their killer. What they saw would never be forgotten. The frightening head, in the shape of a large triangular bow, eyes on either side of the head. Claws larger than a raptors, on feet larger than a bears, but sleek like a tiger. A body like an ancient dog, one without fur but covered in scales. A tail like a whip, sharp enough to skewer through a persons bones. Spikes on either side of the tails tip.

Their wings were the last thing you heard before you died, along with the sound of a low hum. That is the story of Zaltaries and the deadly beings that now inhabit and control the land.

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