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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
My dad died today at 9:45 in the morning. I lose internet tomorrow, and possibly a home in the next week or so. I think it's fair to say this is the last entry I will make, not that anyone cares.

I’ve been exhausted lately, and no matter how much I sleep, I can’t stop being tired. I would blame it on the antibiotics I was prescribed by the doctor I got to visit (finally), but it’s been happening before that. What’s wrong with me? I can’t be up for more than three or four hours before wanting to go to bed again. Stay awake all day is very difficult, much less doing anything because I feel like I’m going to fall asleep all the time.

But, anyway, let’s get this thing over and done with so I can go off to bed.

Like I said, I was able to get to a doctor this week for the infection I have. She felt my face where the infection was, and asked me a few things (like if I was allergic to the thing she was going to prescribe me), and listened to my heart and lungs. Nice doctor, and a really short visit, but it didn’t cost less than half of what my last hospital visit was, so that’s nice. We’re kinda f*cked for a while though when it comes to money. Because I wanted the marble sized lump in my face to go away, we’ll be behind on bills even more than we usually are. Oh joy.

To help with bills, and possibly get the bad tooth taken care of so this problem doesn’t come up in the future, my room mate got a second job. I felt horrible, but he quit a few days later because the staff were assholes. He was there for two days and the servers expected him to know where everything was, and the person who worked nights left him a huge mess to clean up, when he didn’t do the same to him/her. Funny part is, roomy has a certificate they needed him to have, and worked hard. All they needed to do was be nice and he would have kept working his a** off for them.

Last thing to mention is that I used the bus all by myself yesterday! I’m aware that people do it all the time and I’m a grown a** adult who should be fine using the bus, but I’ve been terrified to get on one by myself because I might get lost. I’ve done it before, with way simpler things, and I always feel like an idiot when it happens. On Wednesday, I was given directions on which bus to use when so I could get to the clinic, and managed to get on the wrong one when trying to go home. I ended up walking several blocks from a bus transfer station to get home instead of waiting for the next bus which would have taken half an hour... Yesterday, I had no choice in riding the bus alone. Roomy had to go work two jobs and we needed food, so I used the bus to get to the store. I didn’t get lost, and I got off at the exact right places. Maybe I can do it again. I’ll need new clothes eventually, and the same bus will take me near a clothing store. It’d be nice not to go shopping with my room mate. He’s always rushing me and won’t let me stop to look at books for sale... Then again, we have a lot of books. Because of me sweatdrop Ooh! I wonder if a bus goes past a gaming store I love? It’d be nice to be able to go there and find something without an escort as well. No being rushed and such. Research and money is needed. Hopefully the old bat lets me work for her so I can get money to do some things.

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