Okay so, this really doesn't apply too much to the kinks BUT I do have the link to my kinks below. Too many to list, ask me if you want to know them in detail
[Here are my kinks/limits]


THIS IS, however, for my limits. I keep forgetting to list them before the roleplay, and I never remember them at the time. But if they happen in the roleplay, I might do a double take. So, to list my DON'T's...

~Unless we previously [or OC] discussed it, anything that takes away my ability to control my own character. It ain't fun playing someone when all I can write about is how much they are screaming in their heads.
~Following that, I don't like my character parts to be written for me. I mean my reactions. This doesn't happen often, and in small bits I understand, but not when you write it all for me.
~Watersports/Golden Showers
~Most forms of unbirthing.
~Tooo much violence or gore. I really mean too much. I can stand a little, or a lot, just no torture please; Or no explicit torture please.
~ Little sisters/younger chargers. Lemme explain this one. I don't mean I don't like playing younger characters- But if we are playing a violent or dark roleplay I cannot stand having a younger charge to my character [like my character's younger sister or daughter, or even just an animal that is smaller and more helpless] being hurt, abused, or killed. Threatened yes, caged yes, kidnapped yes. But not abused in any way, or hurt, unless we have pre-planned it and I am okay with it.

I will stop the roleplay and tell you if any of these pop up and make my uncomfortable