Once upon a time, long, long ago there was a girl, she wasn't what everyone expected, either she was called a child when she wasn't a child at all, a hopeless girl that resides within the darkness, hoping one day it will take her. She lived an endless battle, with people that called her names, none the same she was by now use to the name calling. She could cry within her sleep and ask God why, but no answer came, just a punishment for her deeds. Obsessed with mind games, the revenge she took upon others gave her pleasure when they fall; their pain was her pleasure, her desire to see it all. Taking liberty within her own hands, taking what she wanted without anyone knowing, she fooled allot of people, making them think she was sweet and innocent, indeed there was a time she was.

Things do change and no one could understand why she is the way she is. That answer is still unknown for her sake, knowing someday her punishment will go unnoticed; she would take justice within her own hands and fight, stand her ground, and finally release that anger within. She would whisper her words and cry out, cursing the ones that have hurt her, grinding her teeth not wanting to let anyone to know her, who or what she is, even though she doesn't know the answer herself. She had fallen a guilt residing with two people that understood her, but yet she still felt pain, mumbling and not making any sense, she hated to see things that whas right in front of her, but that was all change isn't it. Loving them gave her something to push away her thoughts of evil deeds, but at the same time she was jealous of their togetherness while she was a thousand miles away. Alone, hurt, within pain, she was back where she started again. Belittled by shame of why, and that question kept repeating. Yes, she is along, that is why she is living, and she was meant to be alone, is it so? The questions piling up within her mind, walking within a daze, eyes cleared of no emotions, no feeling, numb from everything. She would keep the mask of happy child's play, and work her way to the point of exhaustion, but death wouldn't even take her.

Denying how she feels, and only in writing could make her see, what else is there within this world, what is there to achieve, when people see her they think they know her when really they'er fooled constantly. Do you know her, do you know what she is, do you know how she feels, its the question that hits you, its the feeling within, would death finally take over? Not even I could answer for her, I can't.

Within that dark room, huddled within the corner, hugging her knees to her chest, and rocking back and forth, people would beat on her, taking that energy she has, or what energy is left, till she is weak and can no longer stand, hands pale and could hardly lift the smallest pencil, just to look at them you would think she would have been dead, but no she is but dying within pain, slowly being tortured and hanging by a thread, but still death wouldn't take her.......

Her name is Anilei ScyRiver Avervaion and this is her story of betrayal, love, and pain.
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