"Azly, you're cranky today, what's your deal?" "What's your problem? You're being mean." Even from teachers, "You okay, Azly? You're zoning out and ..you don't normally do that." "Smile Azly, you're always smiling."

Am I really? Besides those two days. The one where I was kicked out from one of my classes permenantly, and the day that I was harrassed and considered poor so the school had to get me clothes. You tell teachers some simple things about your homelife and they feel obligated to change your world. Of course, they think they can make it better. They think they can change everything.

They know there is something wrong with me. They look at me and I know what they're thinking. ..I just know what they're thinking..

In my counciling, eating disorders were the topic of our conversation. Some people would tell me that I didn't eat enough. They'd ask if I had an eating disorder, but not because I was skinny. I'm not skinny. I'm not just skin and bone. I have figure, of course. But some people, even FAMILY members look at me, watch me.. notice that I don't eat that much. Is it because I'm lazy?

I gotta get going.