Aquired by the night,
your trance of heart kept me alive.
None could see me hiding until you
looked at me with your intent stare.

Nevermind the rain that fell,
nor the cold that wound itself in my veins.
The darkness had engulfed me completely
even when the moon shined down with your intent stare.

You held me close in your wings of safety,
tight against your heart, warm and soft.
To make it beat is to live once again.
You saved me with your intent stare.

I lived the gift you promised to me,
keeping my heart safe with laughter and love.
Boundaries set themselves to restrain my breath
but you dared me to keep going with your intent stare.

Alas, days but come when jealousy rips it way
and second chances end before their first.
You threw me away with grief and a hug,
but what was in your intent stare?

You can't erase the stars as each one burns out.
Is it more than enough to beg and plead through a smile?
You push for me to shove, but I cannot fight anymore.
The ice freezes over in your intent stare.

None will understand what there was, what there is.
Smiles and laughter between friends.
If you want to forget and shove it all away,
continue the false hatred in your intent stare.

Refusal is prominant and I shall not give in.
Gifts so precious cannot be tossed in a dump.
Wasn't it you that taught me faith in life?
You're always my friend with your intent stare