"He realized as he lay, broken and hated by all those around him, that no matter how he tried, and how he fought, the human heart was full of too much hatred. His friends, his family, even the one he thought he loved had betrayed him at one point or another, and it was at that point he realized that the supposed "God" of the others was but a false Religion. He stood, the world before him, and the endless horizon in-sight, at that point he realized, "I am my own man, my own person, and because of that, i have a will, a hope of my own." he then closed his eyes and looked into him self and found one name... Ranmyaku. and at that point he opened his eyes, and looked into a new world, a world of peace and a worl anew, a world where he saw those who truly are the followers of the Flame."

The book of Flames, 1:1