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RPG's Journal of Nonsense
Usually people would give up and just not reply anymore when they get themselves verbally backed up in a corner.Especially when they're practically the ones who back in the corner on their own by letting what they type get ahead of their brain.And ESPECIALLY when it does that several times in a row and it gets worse each time.But not this one!And it turned out to be pretty entertaining.Um,for me that is!And for whoever reads this. whee

RPG guy
RPG guy
RPG guy
RPG guy
RPG guy
RPG guy
RPG guy
i dont no if its equal but ill trade you my mythrill armor, damascus armor, and angelic mic for ur hammi hat plz i also have 4k plz

Nope,the hammi's worth a bit more than all that.But if you sell all those items,you should be close enough.I'd rather wait and make more profit than find myself with a bunch of items I don't need,and that would take unnecessary space in my shop.Sorry sweatdrop

welll u could wait till they get really pricy then sell them for even more then the hammi

That's the funniest thing I've heard in a LONG time rofl

watever hey i also have agbot if that will help at all

Hm,no thanks.But if waiting til they get really pricy sounds like such a great idea to you,maybe you should try it yourself?You'd make a LOT of profit. wink

yhea nd then ill buy teh hammi ht from someone thats not you

You mean,you're gonna go try and rip off someone else? rofl

nah ill buy it from them hey wait i have a wind secerity blanket i can sell for like 66k cool nvm dude

Ah,you just noticed that?Too bad then.It's weird though,because that item is on your wishlist and you don't appear to own it...a glitch,maybe?

i have lots of stuff on my wishlist including a dark halo and mochi puppy but i anit selling those y do u think im lieing about having a wind blanket . and y is that to bad i can sell it and have enough for a hammi and other stuff

In that case,why are you trying to fool people into trading expensive items for a bunch of cheap ones?And why me?Some people are selling hammis for 5k lower than me right now...so why me?I don't get it confused

i donno i asked 1 other person to and u looked nice and there only about 10k less than wat the real price is

10k?Sounds like a lot to me.Hm...maybe I should try looking evil sometime.Don't wanna have people taking advantage of me,you see. mrgreen

i wasnt trying to do that i really promise but watever thank u anyway byez and im srry. u alredy kind of do u look evil but i think evil looks nice u see

Though the whole conversation was hilarious,that last reply really cracks me up the most rofl
Oh,and the gbot in bold too eek

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Community Member

Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 10:40am

That was the most noobish piece of sh*t someone has tried to scam with.

No, no lie..
Such a lie Dx
But kinda funny all together...


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