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Car Salesmen are Jerks
It's true, I just proved it.

About a year ago, in Minnesota, I was sick of the nasty rusty piece I was driving, so I went to look at a car similar to the one I'm driving now. Only with T-tops and about 3,000 more dollars. I go in and ask about having a look at it. The first thing the guy asks me (even before knowing what car I wanted to see) was "How do you plan to pay for this?" I just look at him and say

With money of course...

He just shrugs

Just now, not even 20 minutes ago, I have happened on the same situation. Two states over I might add. I walk in and say, "I'd like to take a look at that GTA on the end"
Then the salesman and I got into a 5 minute discussion verifing that I'm over the age of 18 and financially secure enough to own a car like this:
User Image

Oh look, that's my shadow^
So he hands me the keys and says to go start it up. After about 25 seconds I've had enough. The car may have looked exactly like mine but it didn't feel like mine. So I go back up to him and hand him the key and say "thanks" He looks at the keys then at me and says "what's wrong?"
"It just doesn't feel right"
Then he got all protective about it
"What do you mean it doesn't feel right"
"It doesn't feel even remotely close to how powerful mine is, and mine shakes less"

I then walk away cause he walked inside and then he runs out to yell "thank you" in a pissed off tone.

Then I come rolling around the corner in my GTA and let my pipes roar just to see him go "Oh..."

Maybe that's why I only got 2 cars, I just don't like to deal with jerks who are attempting to sell the ones I like.

My Solution: Ebay

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Electric Uncle Akuma
Community Member
comment Commented on: Tue Mar 29, 2005 @ 04:51am
Yeah Vice, they do tend to be a**-holes. glad you're car blows their's away though.

comment Commented on: Wed Mar 30, 2005 @ 04:59pm
yet another self-proclaimed "Jerk-a**" salesmen.

- Homer Simpson------------------^

Community Member
Community Member
comment Commented on: Fri Apr 22, 2005 @ 09:06pm
Owned, pally. 3nodding

comment Commented on: Fri May 13, 2005 @ 06:31am
you have the greatest social skills I've ever seen Vice xp

Community Member
User Comments: [4]
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