Well, there probably shall not, but my intention was to update this thing semi-regularly. Ah well.

I am le busy. It's not quite finals time yet (3 weeks till that), but I have to finish writing and hand in my dissertation, do a presentation, and recover from the poster presentation I just did. Oh, and then hand in two more pieces of work. Most of this is due in at the beginning of next week. I pay well for mercy killings.

I have no idea what I'll be doing next year. Probably not going into industry straight away, especially since I don't know the quality of my degree (which has been influenced heavily by illness, for which there is no tariff system in place). Since I didn't take a gap year before university, I'm almost certainly taking one now. Possibly travelling, possibly finding a small internship or placement or similar.

The other thing is that since my ultimate aim is to get into some form of creative job (repetitive jobs would bore me very badly), I might spend some time designing and trying to write some form of game. Possibly from scratch, or possibly on top of another system. If only because, should the option become available, I would be interested in going into game design (hey, this applies to a suprisingly large number of our generation, so don't shoot me for it! razz ). The only real bugbear here? The UK offers few decent Game Design courses at a degree level. Pfah. Only the second biggest entertainment industry there is. rofl