Well, I couldn't keep my 'busy hands' away long enough. Haha. But yes. After that first entry mayhem I thought I better report something else, something normal, about today. Although, that's rather hard because I don't believe in normality. Anyways.

I've just finished writing a letter to some youth radio station in Adelaide for work experience. I don't know if I'll get it. It's normally impossible to get work experience in radio stations but this one relies on volunteers and in that aspect, well, I'm a volunteer. So here's hoping. It'd be awesome if I did get it. I kinda sorta know the station manager. razz He was a DJ on the oldies rock station that my parents listen to and I used to ring up or drop an email by and request a song or two. Yes. He played a few songs for me but the ones I remember were Suspicious Minds, by Elvis Presley, and Yesterday's Hero by John Paul Young. Azah. So yes. Maybe he'll recall my name. My last name's pretty peculiar, y'know. ^_^

Anyway. Today was the first day back at school after October holidays. I got a haircut last Wednesday and I was getting comments all day long about it. Mostly nice ones. Actually, all of them were nice. Just in a different way of niceness.

Keith Miller is dead. He was the best all-rounder back in the Bradman days of cricket, and played a few games for St Kilda (my second-fave AFL team) as well. He also flew planes in WWII, and wrote as a cricket journalists. As I love sports journalists with all my heart (at least the cricket and motorsport ones), it's sad for me. And Christopher Reeve's dead now too. He was inspirational. Cripes. God wanted to get something across today, I think, knocking off some good people.

Ah well. I'm too bad still to die. Besides. I don't fear death myself, personally. I just fear permanent injury, like car accidents and falling off ladders. It's all good! xp